Kostas Makris

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Kostas Makris
Born kostantinos makris
Patras, Greece
Residence Adelaide, Australia
Nationality Greek Australian Greek Australian
Occupation BusinessmanReal Estate
Net worth Increase US$ 850 million (2013)
Board member of
Makris Group (Chairman)

Kostas Makris (Greek: Κώστας Μακρής) is a Greek Australian businessman most commonly known as Con Makris who is the richest Greek in Australia with a fortune of over A$1 billion occupying the 36th place in the Business Review Weekly Rich 200 list.[1] Makris is in the top 30 of the richest residents in Australia.[2] Makris is also the only Greek billionaire in Australia.[3]Kostas Makris is the 10th richest man in Australia and among the 20 richest Greek men in the world.

Early life[edit]

He was born in Patras Greece. Soon his family moved to Holargos where he grew up. Makris' early years were pretty hard, and so he began to work when he was only 12 years old. He took the big decision to immigrate to Australia in 1963 at the age of 16 in order to make up some money and eventually return to Greece.[4]

Initially he worked in the foundry and later on he bought a string of Fast Food restaurants, then he moved to the property industry. Today he has many Mall Centres, Optus House in Adelaide and the Bonnyrigg Plaza on the outskirts of Sydney, and even in Greece.[5]


Kostas Makris made his fortune from real estate investments in Adelaide.[6] Makris was also the former owner of his childhood Greek football club Panachaiki for a short period of time as he was interested in other business.[7]

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