Kumar River

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The Kumar River (Bengali : কুমার নদী)

Early history[edit]

The Kumar takes off from Mathabhanga at Hatboalia and follows a circuitous course to the east and south-east, past Alamdanga and forms the boundary for a long distance between Alamdanga P.S. of Kushtia district and Harinakunda P.S. of Jessore district and finally enters into it at Pearpur.
The other two branch rivers which take off from the Mathabhanga and are among the principal water courses both for communication and natural irrigation, are the Nabaganga and the Chitra. The remains of old flourishing villages and Indigo Planters' Kathibary (factory house) on the silted up course still mark their past importance. The dry beds of these two channels like that of the course of the Bhairab are still shown in the survey maps of Bangladesh.