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The entrance to the Physicum building in winter. The artwork on the wall depicts density of galaxies in the nearby universe. One can also see the weather radar dome on the roof.

The Kumpula Campus (Finnish: Kumpulan kampus, Swedish: Campus Gumtäkt) is a science campus of University of Helsinki. The campus is located some four kilometres from the centre of Helsinki, in the Kumpula district. Completed in 2005, it currently provides study and research facilities for about 6,000 students and 1,000 teachers/researchers.[citation needed]


The biggest departments housed on the campus are:

and smaller:

Other institutions[edit]

A number of related or independent institutions are housed on the campus, e.g.:

The Kumpula Science Library provides scientific library services for the campus.


The administrative office of the Faculty of Sciences.

The campus consists of the following buildings:

  • Chemicum (Dept. of Chemistry; VERIFIN)
  • Physicum (Depts. of Physics, Geography, and Geology; Science Library; Dating Lab.; HIP)
  • Exactum (Depts. of Computer Science and Math & Statistics; I. of Seismology; HIIT)
  • Dynamicum (FIMR, FMI)
  • Accelerator Laboratory
  • Kumpula manor
  • Sport Center

The Kumpula Botanical Garden is located adjacent to the campus.

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