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Front page from 1 May 1891
Type Daily newspaper
Founder(s) Henri Rochefort
Founded July 1880 (1880-07)
Language French
Ceased publication 1940

L'Intransigeant was a French newspaper, founded in July 1880 by Henri Rochefort. Initially representing the left-wing opposition, it developed towards the right during the Boulanger affair (Rochefort supported Boulanger) and became a major right-wing newspaper by the 1920s. The newspaper was vehemently anti-Dreyfusard, reflecting Rochefort's positions. In 1906 under the direction of Léon Bailby it reaches a circulation of 400,000 copies. It ceased publication after the French surrender in 1940. After the war it was shortly republished in 1947 under the name "L'Intransigeant-Journal de Paris", before merging with Paris-Presse.


  • Henri Rochefort, marquis de Rochefort-Lucay [1]

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