Land of No Return

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Land of No Return
Directed by Kent Bateman
Produced by Kent Bateman
Written by Kent Bateman
Starring Mel Torme
William Shatner
Donald Moffat
Narrated by Frank Ray Perilli
Music by Ralph Geddes
Cinematography João Fernandes
Distributed by The International Picture Show Company
Release date(s) 1978
Running time 84 min.
Country  United States
Language English

Land of No Return is a 1978 thriller film written, directed, and produced by Kent Bateman, who is also the father to both Jason and Justine Bateman. The film stars Mel Torme and William Shatner.

The film was shot in Utah and released theatrically by The International Picture Show Company, whose president at the time was legendary B-movie filmmaker Bill Rebane.

Alternate titles for the film include Challenge to Survive and Snowman.


Zak O'Brien (Mel Torme) is an animal trainer for the popular television series "Caesar & Romulus", which has been selected for a "Patsy" Award to be presented in Burbank, California. Zak, along with Caesar (a Golden Eagle), and Romulus (a wolf), board his personal plane in Denver for the flight to Burbank, but en route at night over the Utah wastelands they encounter a sudden blizzard. When Zak's radio and engine fail, he guides the craft down to a crash landing. All three passengers survive, but the plane is destroyed and a struggle for survival begins.

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