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Langcha, ল্যাংচা
Langcha - Saktigarh 2014-06-29 5581.JPG
Course Dessert
Region or state West Bengal
Main ingredients Khoa, sweetened cottage cheese, flours, sugar
Cookbook:Langcha, ল্যাংচা  Langcha, ল্যাংচা

Langcha (Bengali: ল্যাংচা) is a Bengali sweetmeat that originates from Saktigarh in the Bardhaman of West Bengal, India.[1][2] Langcha is made of sweetened cottage cheese (chhena), khoa (reduced solidified milk), and flours of different cereals. It is a fried oval shaped sweetmeat dipped in sugar syrup. Cottage cheese is an ingredient common to a variety of sweetmeat produced in Bengal.[3]

Langcha is available in many other places. Langcha of the village Simultala in Jharkhand district of India is also famous. Langcha from Nabadwip, West Bengal in India are of top quality. Langcha of Tarapith region in Birbhum district are very large in size.