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God of War
Bronzetti etrusco-romani, laran (ares-marte) 05.JPG
A statuette of the god Laran, depicted with traditional armour and a helmet.
Consort Turan
Greek equivalent Ares
Roman equivalent Mars
For other uses, see Laran (disambiguation).

In Etruscan mythology, Laran was the god of war. In art, he was portrayed as a naked youth wearing a helmet and carrying a spear. As with numerous gods of war, Laran is associated with fire and the sun. However, it is important to note that among his attributes is reference to his responsibility to maintain peace.[1] Laran's consort was Turan, goddess of love and fertility, who was equated with the Latin Venus. Laran was the Etruscan equivalent of the Greek Ares and the Roman Mars.[2]

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