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Latin Lover is the stereotype of a passionate and attractive male of Latin American or Romance European origin and phenotype.

Latin Lover or Latin Lovers may refer to:


As a nickname or stage name, the term Latin Lover was attributed to:

  • Antonio Moreno (1887–1967), Spanish actor, later naturalized U.S. citizen, of the silent film era
  • Rudolph Valentino (1895–1926), Italian actor (the term "Latin Lover" was invented for Valentino)
  • Ramón Novarro (1899–1968), Mexican actor
  • Charles Boyer (1899-1978), French actor, became a U.S. citizen in 1942
  • Marcello Mastroianni (1924-1966), Italian actor
  • Latin Lover (wrestler) Victor Ruiz (born 1967), a wrestler

Film and television[edit]


  • Latin Lovers, pseudonym of DJ Chus with Beto Cerutti