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Lawrence William Hunt (born 19 March 1966) is a British entrepreneur, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Silverjet Aviation Limited, a now defunct business-class airline. Silverjet suspended operations on 30 May 2008.[1]

Involved with start-up businesses since 1984, Hunt has held a number of posts at various companies. At Novell, a US technology business which listed on NASDAQ in 1987, he was the Distribution and Product manager; at BMS, a technology consulting partnership, sold to Cap Gemini in 1992, Hunt held the position of Head of Sales and Marketing; he was Sales and Marketing Director of Database Management Sciences Limited, sold to IBM in 1993; he founded Rapid Travel Solutions Limited, sold to Telewest Communications Plc in 2003; and at Limited, founded in 2004 by Paul Evans and Hunt where he is currently Chief Operating Officer.

Hunt’s inspiration for Silverjet came from his own unsatisfactory experiences travelling business class, paying high prices for poor service. He felt that the traditional model of business passengers paying higher rates in order to subside the cheaper economy seats was nonsensical, and that a business-class only service, based on the single carriage model of low cost carriers, was a viable business idea.[2] With his help Silverjet was able to launch in 8 months. Innovative ideas such as a separate ladies bathroom, private terminal and carbon neutral status, enabled Silverjet to offer passengers a different experience. Silverjet won 14 awards in its first year of operation and carried over 100,000 passengers. It achieved load factors of 80% on its first aircraft and 70% across its fleet of three when it suspended operations in June 2008.

However, trading of Silverjet's shares on the AIM was suspended on 23 May 2008, and the company suspended operations on 30 May 2008. A reasonable and objective synopsis of Silverjet's history is found at.[3]

in July 2008, Hunt returned to lowcosttravelgroup and launched in January 2009. is now the 4th largest online travel agent in the UK and was rolled out to Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Spain and Italy in 2011 and 2012 and the USA and Australia in 2013. Lowcosttravelgroup acquired in 2009 and subsequently merged it with in 2012.It also acquired Intuitive Ltd., a travel software business in 2010 and sold it to NVM ventures in 2012.

In January 2014, Lawrence was appointed Chairman of World Wide Travel Extras Ltd WWTE, the holding company for and In April 2014, Lawrence was also appointed as Chairman of life sciences research and strategy company Deallus and Chairman of, a digital marketing agency.


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