Lendi Vexer

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Lendi Vexer
Theremin natalie naveira.jpg
Natalie Naveira playing Theremin
Background information
Origin Buenos Aires, Argentina
Genres Trip hop, electronic, alternative rock, ambient
Years active 2000–present
Labels Stereotape Records
Associated acts Lovage, Massive Attack, Portishead, PJ Harvey
Website www.LendiVexer.com
Members Natalie Naveira, Diego Guiñazu DG

Lendi Vexer are a trip hop duo from Buenos Aires, Argentina. The two members of the band are Natalie Naveira and Diego Guiñazu, who uses the stage name DG. They have both been making music since 1995 and formed the band in 2000. They are accompanied by a guitarist and drummer when playing live.

Band lineup[edit]


Suicidal adage EP (2004)[edit]

Track listing:

  • Tribute to desolation
  • 'scape
  • Nothing was special
  • Suicidal adage.
  • Bonus Track with Natalie in Theremin.

The Process of Disillusion album (2007)[edit]

Track listing:

  • 11 de octubre
  • To play again
  • A boot doesn't ask, just trample
  • Courtesy excess
  • Simple cycle
  • A slow dripping in my brain
  • Looking for my time
  • Burdel
  • The Process Of Disillusion
  • Missing time
  • Suicidal adage (Spanish version)
  • That fish and the bait
  • La

Princess of Nothingness CD (2014)[edit]

Track listing:

  • Desert
  • Luna de sal
  • Princess of Nothingness
  • Stormy clouds

Princess of Nothingness LIMITED EDITION on 7" VINYL (2014)[edit]

Track listing:

  • Desert
  • Luna de sal
  • Princess of Nothingness
  • Stormy clouds

DOWNLOAD CARD: three rare versions.

w.e.b. wicked electronic beats vol.1 Trip Hop Compilation (2005)[edit]

Edited by: Tripofagia.com (Trip Hop portal - off line)

Featured: "Tribute to desolation" by Lendi Vexer and other trip hop artists such as U-topia, Lovage (Mike Patton), etc.


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