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The Lenne in Iserlohn-Letmathe.
Origin Sauerland
Mouth Ruhr
51°24′54″N 7°29′31″E / 51.41500°N 7.49194°E / 51.41500; 7.49194Coordinates: 51°24′54″N 7°29′31″E / 51.41500°N 7.49194°E / 51.41500; 7.49194
Basin countries Germany
Length 128 km
Source elevation 819 m
Avg. discharge 25 m³/s
Basin area 1,353 km²

The Lenne is a river in the Sauerland area in North Rhine-Westphalia, western Germany, a left tributary of the Ruhr.

Having its source on top of the Kahler Asten near Winterberg in an intermittent spring at an elevation of 2,687 feet, the Lenne ends after a course of 128 km flowing into the Ruhr river near the city of Hagen. With an average discharge of 25 m³/s near its mouth, it is the main tributary of the Ruhr. Both rivers are quite close to each other at their sources, but spread to different routes until they meet again in Hagen. Towns along the Lenne are Schmallenberg, Lennestadt, Finnentrop, Werdohl, Altena, Iserlohn, and Hagen. The lower part of the Lenne valley is characterized by great altitude differences to the surrounding plateaus and by a concentration of small-scale industry along the river.

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