Léopold Szondi

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Léopold Szondi
Born 11 March 1893
Nitra, Austria-Hungary
Died 24 January 1986
Küsnacht, Switzerland
Occupation Psychiatrist
Children Péter Szondi

Léopold Szondi (Hungarian: Szondi Lipót, pronounced [ˈlɛopold ˈsondi]; March 11, 1893 – January 24, 1986) was a Hungarian psychiatrist. He is known for the psychological tool that bears his name, the Szondi test.


Szondi was born in present-day Slovakia and raised in a German and Slovak-speaking Jewish family. In June 1944, he was deported with his family to Bergen-Belsen concentration camp on the Kastner train. After 1700 American intellectuals paid a large ranson to Adolf Eichmann, Szondi, his family, and other prominent intellectuals were released to Switzerland in December 1944, where Szondi continued to live after the war.

Fate analysis and the Szondi test[edit]

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