Lev Aleksandrovich Chugaev

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Lev Aleksandrovich Chugaev
Chugaev tomb medalion.jpg
Tomb medallion
Born (1873-10-16)October 16, 1873
Moscow, Russia
Died September 26, 1922(1922-09-26) (aged 48)
Gryazovets, Russia
Institutions University of Moscow,
University of Saint Petersburg
Alma mater University of Moscow
Known for Chugaev reaction

Lev Aleksandrovich Chugaev (16 October 1873 - 26 September 1922) was a chemist in the Russian Empire. The Chugaev reaction, which he discovered during his work on thujene an terpene, is named after him. He was also active in the field of inorganic chemistry especially Platinum group complexes.

In literature he is also known as Leo Aleksandrovich Tschugaeff or Tschugaev.


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