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Li Jing or Jing Li may refer to:

People surnamed Li
  • Li Jing (general) (李靖) (571–649), Chinese general during the Tang
    • Li Jing (deity) (李靖), fictional character in Fengshen Yanyi based on the Tang general
  • Li Jing (Southern Tang) (李景 or 李璟) (916–961), Chinese emperor and ruler of Southern Tang
  • Lee Ching (李菁) (born 1948), China-born Hong Kong actress
  • Li Jing (TV presenter) (利菁) (born 1962), Taiwanese television show hostess and model
  • Jing Li (chemist) (李静), China-born chemist and professor at Rutgers University
  • Jing Ulrich (李晶) (born 1967), née Li, managing director and vice chairman of Asia Pacific at JPMorgan Chase
  • Li Jing (gymnast) (李敬) (born 1970), Chinese gymnast, world champion and Olympic medalist
  • Li Ching (table tennis) (李靜) (born 1975), China-born Hong Kong table tennis player
  • Li Jing (actor) (李菁) (born 1978), Chinese xiangsheng and film actor
People surnamed Jing
  • Ching Li (井莉) (born 1945), Hong Kong actress

Li Jing may also refer to:

  • Book of Rites, also known as Classic of Rites (禮經; Li Jing), a Chinese classic text