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Liana K
Liana K at 2008 ComicCon cropped.jpg
Liana K in 2008 doing cosplay as Dawn
Born (1978-02-15) February 15, 1978 (age 36)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Occupation Television entertainer and writer
Spouse(s) Steven Kerzner

Liana Kerzner (born February 15, 1978 in Toronto, Ontario), also known by her stage name Liana K, is a Canadian Jewish[1] journalist and television host, writer and producer who co-hosted the talk show Ed & Red's Night Party with her husband Steven and is a well-known cosplayer.[2]


Liana Kerzner has been active as a performer in theatre and competitive dance from a young age. After studying English literature and anthropology at York University, Kerzner abandoned her academic studies in 1997, when she was hired for behind-the-scenes work on Ed's Night Party with Steven Kerzner, wom she married in 1999.[3] She eventually earned the positions of senior producer and co-head writer of the Ed's Night Party. By 2004, she joined Ed the Sock, voiced by her husband, to become the first female co-host on the show. Kerzner has also been involved in many of Ed the Sock's other media projects, including the annual Fromage specials and Smartass: The Ed the Sock Report, both on the Canadian cable television music and variety show television channel MuchMusic. She and Ed co-hosted the 2007 Constellation Awards. She has written for the Accidental Comics series Ed and Red's Comic Strip (in which she appears in both photographs and art), and has appeared at a number of comic book and science fiction fan conventions to promote the comic and Ed's Night Party.

From the fall of 2009 to September 2010, Liana and Steven Kerzner were the hosts of the weekly radio show Sunday Nights with Liana and Steven on NEWSTALK 1010 CFRB in Toronto. After two years off the air, Ed the Sock returned to TV on CHCH-DT with a new show This Movie Sucks! which is similar to his old show on Citytv, Ed's Nite In. The show is once again co-hosted by Liana K and also features comedian Ron Sparks. In 2012, Ed the Sock and Liana K returned on CHCH with the new series I Hate Hollywood.

Kerzner also writes as a video game critic and reporter for 411MANIA,[4] Metaleater,[5] and GamingExcellence (writing also about tabletop and live-action role-playing games),[6] as well as a contributor for other gaming outlets such as Gameranx[1] and Polygon.[7] She has been a honoured special guest and presenter at several comic book and science fiction events across North America, usually appearing dressed in character-based cosplay costumes,[2][8][9] and organized and hosted the Aurora Awards ceremony at the 67th World Science Fiction Convention in 2009.[10] She is also co-founder of Toronto's science fiction convention Futurecon (annual since 2010), which is sponsored by her company Kerzner MediaArts.[11][12]


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