Life and Lyrics

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Life and Lyrics
CD cover for the Life and Lyrics soundtrack album
Directed by Richard Laxton
Produced by Esther Douglas
Fiona Neilson
Written by Ken Williams
Starring Ashley Walters
Louise Rose
Chris Steward
Music by Various
Cinematography John Daly
Edited by Tracey Wadmore-Smith
Distributed by United International Pictures
Release date(s) 29 September 2006
Running time 99 mins
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Life and Lyrics is a 2006 British film directed by Richard Laxton and starring Ashley Walters, a former member of the garage band So Solid Crew.

A variation on the Romeo and Juliet theme, it is set in modern day South London, it tells the story of two rival crews of DJs and what happens when a member of one crew falls for a member of another.

The Motion Crew are a group of south London rappers led by DJ Danny 'D-Biz' Lewis (Ashley Walters). For Danny, his music is everything and his crew are like family. But loyalties are put to the test when Danny falls for the beautiful Carmen, whom he soon finds out is related to a member of their most hated rivals, the violent and arrogant Hard Cash Crew.

Both crews seem certain to face each other in the rap battle finals of the prestigious Mic Masters competition, a thrilling event that will offer a final chance for Danny to beat his rivals and make it big.

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