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This article is about the 1993 film. For escape pods, see escape pod. For the 1981 film, see Lifepod (1981).
Directed by Ron Silver
Produced by Allan Sandler
Written by Jay Roach
Pen Densham
Alfred Hitchcock (story)
Harry Sylvester (story)
Starring Ron Silver
CCH Pounder
Robert Loggia
Joe Penny
Jordan Michaels
Kristine DeBell
Stan Shaw
Cinematography Steve Dubin
Distributed by Fox Broadcasting Company
Release dates
June 28, 1993
Running time
90 min
Language English

Lifepod is a 1993 TV movie reworking of the Alfred Hitchcock classic Lifeboat. It starred Ron Silver, Robert Loggia, Kelli Williams & C. C. H. Pounder, with Silver also directing. The television film aired on Fox Network in June 1993. Lifepod moved the action from an ocean-bound lifeboat to a spacecraft's escape pod, with the characters the survivors of a sabotaged spacecraft.


The premise is that there is limited supplies of air, food and water on the life pod. The survivors begin to argue over whether they should end the life of one of the survivors (Portrayed by Stan Shaw) in the pod that is critically injured. They reason that it would help conserve their supplies. Before they can decide on the Issue of killing the man he is found dead the next day after they wake up. They realize there is a killer with them in the lifepod. Eventually the survivors realize that its possible that one of the people in the Lifepod could have sabotaged the spacecraft.

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