List of Japanese Army military engineer vehicles of World War II

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This is a list of Japanese Army Military Engineer Vehicles during World War II. Included are diverse types of Armored lumberjacks, mine clearing vehicles, engineering vehicles, Recovery Cranes and other materiel used by Japanese Army Engineer units during World War II.

Engineer vehicles[edit]

  • Armoured Stretcher
  • Armored Lumberjack "Brasso Ki"
  • T G Armored Bridge Layer
  • Armored Engineer Vehicle Soukou Sagyou Ki "SS-Ki"(Type Ko,Otsu,Hei,Tei and Bo)
  • Mineplow Tank "Chi-Yu"
  • Swamp Crossing Vehicle (FB)
  • Armored Engineer Vehicle "SS"
  • Armored Lumberjack "Ho-K"
  • Type 95 Crane Vehicle "Ri-Ki"
  • Armored Recovery Vehicle "Se-Ri"
  • Type 98 Mini Engineer Vehicle "Ya-I Go"
  • High-Voltage Dynamo Vehicle "Ka-Ha"
  • Type 97 Pole Planter and Type 97 Cable layer
  • Type 94 Repair Vehicle
  • Type95 Crane Vehicle "Ri-Ki"
  • Snowmobile "Yu-Ki"
  • Amphibious Engineer Vehicle "Na-Mi"
  • Experimental Excavator
  • Experimental Crawler Truck
  • Type 95 Collapsible Boat
  • Type 99 Pontoon bridge
  • Rubber Rafts

Army engineer units[edit]

  • 2nd Tank Division Engineer Unit
  • 27th Independent Engineer Regiment
  • 12th Independent Engineer Regiment
  • 5th Independent Engineer Regiment
  • 6th Div AIF (Airfield Engineers)
  • Airfield Construction Group No.5
  • Oil field Construction Group No.2
  • 1st company of the 26th Independent Engineer Regiment
  • 2nd Independent Engineer Company
  • 80th Independent Radio Platoon
  • 2nd unit from the Oil well drilling Section of the 21st Field Ordnance Depot
  • 1st Field Well Drilling Company
  • 2nd Field Well Drilling Company
  • 3rd Field Well Drilling Company
  • 4th Field Well Drilling Company
  • 48th Anchorage Headquarters
  • 118th Land Duty Company
  • 1st from the 11th Water Supply and Purification Unit
  • one platoon of the 12th Engineer Regiment