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The following is a list of episodes of the Lilo & Stitch TV series.

Note: Stitch, experiment 626, appears in every episode, so he is not included in the "Experiments Mentioned" list.

Season 1: 2003–2004[edit]

  • Lilo, Stitch, Jumba and Pleakley were present for every episode.
  • Gantu was absent for five episodes.
  • Nani was absent for fourteen episodes.
Episode Title U.S Air Date Production Code
1 Stitch! The Movie August 26, 2003 (2003-08-26) 001

The story is an introduction to Dr. Jumba Jookiba's remaining 625 experiments, which he created with the financing of Dr. Jacques von Hämsterviel.

Experiments mentioned: Sparky (221), Reuben (625), Jam (202), Digger (529), Mary (455), Huggo (489), Slimy (390), Picker (049), Flapjack (070), Welko (074), Plunge (082), Louis. B (094), Mutilate (107), Clyde (150), Ditch (172), Allsox (176), Bumper (179), Snipe (203), Poser (232), Yellowstone (311), Cowlick (411), Bluerinse (431), Richter (513), Stoneface (525), Spectrum (535), Algea (539), Franklin (543), Hammerhead (033), Poxy (222) and Rhymer (124, but 033 was called 124)
2 "Poxy" January 11, 2004 (2004-01-11) 101

A small microbe-like experiment enters Pleakley's body, and Lilo and Stitch must take it out quickly because their shrinking effect is only temporary and Pleakley might explode.

Experiments mentioned: Poxy (222) and Reuben (625).

Notes: This episode is based on the 1966 movie, Fantastic Voyage.
3 "Spooky" October 12, 2003 (2003-10-12) 102

Halloween episode. Experiment 300 is discovered, which can morph into a person's worst fear. It is revealed that Mertle and her friends' worst fear is seeing Lilo without her head, and Lilo has fears of clowns and an abandoned house. Stitch's worst fear is water, and Nani's worst fear is hearing Cobra Bubbles say that he has to take away Lilo. Jumba's worst fear is his ex-wife. Pleakley's worst fear is his mother.

Experiment mentioned: Spooky (300).
4 "Kixx" October 20, 2003 (2003-10-20) 103

An experiment causes trouble by bullying people around the island, and a chemical reaction from a bad snack combination results in Stitch losing his ability to fight. Lilo must retrain him so that he can defeat Kixx before Gantu does.

Experiments mentioned: Kixx (601) and Reuben (625).
5 "Cannonball" October 13, 2003 (2003-10-13) 104

A tsunami-creating experiment appears with the threat of endangering the entire world if it reaches the ocean. Lilo and Stitch must use the newly designed X-Buggy to capture it before Gantu does. Meanwhile, Lilo's hula halau participates in a sand-sculpting contest.

Experiments mentioned: Cannonball (520) and Reuben (625).
6 "Yin-Yang" October 17, 2003 (2003-10-17) 105

Two experiments activate at the same time while Lilo and Stitch are arguing. Lilo and Stitch insist that they each can catch an experiment without the other. Meanwhile, Jumba and Pleakley make a bet to see which one will capture an experiment first, and Gantu forces 625 to help him catch them both. The race is on because Jumba theorizes that the world will be doomed if the two elementally opposing experiments touch each other, they will destroy Earth. Eventually, Lilo and Stitch team up together again and help each other capture the experiments each was after using the "tools" given to them by Jumba and Pleakly. Lilo repurposes the experiments to create a new island. Note: Yin is female not male, Yang is male not female.

Experiments mentioned: Yin (501), Yang (502) and Reuben (625).
7 "Richter" September 20, 2003 (2003-09-20) 106

The show's premiere episode. An earthquake rocks the island, prompting Pleakley to study earthquake safety. When it is discovered that the earthquakes were caused by an experiment, Lilo and Stitch must travel underground to catch it before it cracks the Earth in half (and before Gantu catches it).

Experiments mentioned: Richter (513) and Reuben (625).
8 "Mr. Stenchy" October 11, 2003 (2003-10-11) 107

Lilo rescues an irresistibly cute experiment. Jumba warns that the new experiment will release a terrible odor soon. However, Lilo is invited to Mertle’s FHGH (Future Hawaiian Girls of Hawaii) tea party if she brings the adorable experiment. Stitch is jealous of the attention received by the new experiment and allows Gantu to capture him. Gantu then develops an affection for the cute experiment, making 625 jealous. Lilo and Stitch rescue Mr. Stenchy as he begins to release the odor. Jumba puts Mr. Stenchy on a rocket and sends him to Pleakley's home planet where the odor is considered appealing.

Experiments mentioned: Mr. Stenchy (254) and Reuben (625).
9 "Yapper" October 13, 2003 (2003-10-13) 108

Mertle gets a pet dog, names her "Gigi" and enters her in a dog show in Honolulu, and Lilo enters Stitch in the same dog show in hopes of beating Mertle and winning her friendship. Meanwhile, Jumba and Pleakley go sightseeing around the city and run into Gantu.

Experiments mentioned: Gigi (007) and Reuben (625).
10 "The Asteroid" December 1, 2003 (2003-12-01) 109

Lilo and Stitch visit a planetarium and overhear Cobra Bubbles's warning of an asteroid set to impact Earth. With no one believing them or bothering to seek shelter, Stitch formulates a plan to go into outer space and destroy it to save the planet. However, when they discover that the asteroid itself is home to an alien, Lilo and Stitch must decide which home they must sacrifice for the sake of the other. In the end, the group uses Jumba's ship's hyperdrive to safely push the asteroid away from Earth without destroying it, but leaving Jumba and Pleakly permanently stranded on Earth. No new experiments appear in this episode.

Experiments mentioned: Hammerface (033), Sparky (221), Spooky (300), Swirly (383), Richter (513), Digger (529), Kixx (601) and Reuben (625).
11 "Phantasmo" September 27, 2003 (2003-09-27) 110

Stitch wins an oyster containing a hidden experiment pod at a restaurant crane game. When the pod gets wet, however, the ghostly experiment possesses Scrump the doll and causes all sorts of mischief. When Stitch is blamed, he must prove himself innocent by catching the experiment in the act.

Experiment mentioned: Phantasmo (375).
12 "Sprout" November 14, 2003 (2003-11-14) 111

Lilo makes a bet with Mertle to win the orchid competition at the Kokaua Town fair and steals a dangerous plant experiment against Jumba's warnings, while Pleakley grows a giant "Pinormous" pineapple and Stitch practices being a cowboy for the rodeo. However, when the experiment gets lose and spreads its roots all over the fairgrounds, Stitch must defeat it cowboy-style.

Experiment mentioned: Sprout (509).
13 "Clip" October 4, 2003 (2003-10-04) 112

After causing chaos at a beauty salon, Lilo and Stitch meet the hair-eating experiment that made Jumba nearly bald. However, when they try to use it to get revenge on Mertle for her cruel words, the hairball gets lose and threatens to eat up all the hair on the island. Meanwhile, Jumba regrows an afro and Gantu gets stuck dancing at a luau. In the end, Clip becomes good and is repurposed to give people the perfect haircut. When Jumba gets his hair cut, he is given back his normal three hairs and realizes that's how he likes it.

Experiment mentioned: Clip (177).
14 "Fibber" November 7, 2003 (2003-11-07) 113

Pleakley's mother calls to inform him of his arranged marriage, so he lies that he is engaged to an Earth girl. When his family comes for the wedding, though, Pleakley must pretend that Nani is his fiancée. Eventually, the truth is exposed and Pleakley's family accepts him for who he is while revealing that while all are successful, they are actually envious of him. This episode is notable in that Kevin McDonald (voice of Pleakley) is joined by his former The Kids in the Hall castmates: Dave Foley, Mark McKinney, Scott Thompson and Bruce McCulloch.

Note: Fibber is the experiment that always beeps when a person makes a lie. Pleakley's full name is Wendy Pleakley. Fibber is abandoned by Lilo and Stitch, who let Gantu take him. In the episode Snafu, they manage to rescue him.

Experiments mentioned: Fibber (032) and Reuben (625).
15 "Topper" December 5, 2003 (2003-12-05) 114

It is Christmas Eve, and Lilo is trying to teach Stitch how Hawaiians celebrate Christmas. However, when Gantu has an experiment pod giftwrapped for Dr. Hämsterviel, everyone mistakes Stitch's hunt for the box as a selfish attempt to hoard presents for himself.

Experiments mentioned: Topper (025) and Reuben (625).
16 "Bad Stitch" January 30, 2004 (2004-01-30) 115

Nani has been receiving a lot of bills for Stitch's destruction, so she gets Lilo to try and train him to be more civilized (otherwise, he would be thrown out of the ohana). When Lilo's attempts prove to be unsuccessful, Stitch decides to leave and ends up being kidnapped by Dr. Hämsterviel, who plans to turn him evil again. Lilo, Jumba and Pleakley must now rescue him before it's too late. No new experiments appear in this episode. Note: This episode was banned in China and Japan until 2010.

Experiment mentioned: Reuben (625).
17 "Holio" October 12, 2003 (2003-10-12) 116

Mertle receives a charm bracelet for her birthday, but one of the charms is actually an experiment pod. Lilo and Stitch must try to retrieve it before she gets it wet, or else the universe will be sucked into a black hole. Meanwhile, Nani must prepare for a company inspection.

Experiments mentioned: Richter (513) and Holio (606).
17 "Splodyhead" October 24, 2003 (2003-10-24) 117

In order to catch an experiment, Lilo, Stitch, Jumba, Pleakley, Gantu, and Reuben travel to the island of Niʻihau. After becoming stranded on the beach under the threat of being blasted by Splodyhead, the two opposing teams become one "tribe" and are forced to work together to survive. This initially doesn't go well as Gantu and Stitch both want to be the leader until 625 nominates Lilo. Under Lilo's leadership, the group manages to disable Splodyhead's powers, causing him to flee, but he's captured when Gantu and Stitch team up together against him. Gantu gets the experiment, but when David and Nani show up to rescue Lilo, Stitch, Jumba and Pleakly, they only agree to help him and 625 back to shore if he gives them the experiment, which he reluctantly does.

Experiments mentioned: Splodyhead (619) and Reuben (625).
19 "Amnesio" October 27, 2003 (2003-10-27) 118

It is Lilo's birthday, but no one seems to remember. While they hand out invitations for their own party, they encounter an experiment that gives people amnesia and causes them to lose their memories of each other. Now thinking that her name is Martha, Stitch is an escaped convict, and Gantu is her partner cop named Lenny, Lilo teams up with him to hunt down Stitch and find clues to their lost memories.

Experiments mentioned: Gigi (007), Nosox (204), Amnesio (303) and Whatsisname (340).
20 "Houdini" December 12, 2003 (2003-12-12) 119

Stitch and Pleakley are hired to do a magic show at Mertle's "half-birthday" party. After their act turns out to be horrible, Lilo secretly activates an experiment that turns things invisible to help make the show a success. It is, and Mertle's Hollywood producer Aunt hires them to do their trick on national television. However, when Houdini runs away and leaves Stitch invisible, Lilo will have to find them both before her ohana looks like frauds. Meanwhile, Reuben finds 119's experiment pod at the grocery store, thinking it is 611's pod, but Gantu takes all the credit for it while searching for Experiment 604 through his heat goggles. In the end, Houdini arrives just in time to make the magic trick work and is revealed to be the true magician and gets a magic show with Mertle's Aunt.

Experiments mentioned: Fudgy (054), Inverto (119), Yin (501), Yang (502), Cannonball (520), Houdini (604), El Fin (611), Splodyhead (619) and Reuben (625).
21 "Tank" November 10, 2003 (2003-11-10) 120

Lilo wins tickets to the Elizabethan Fair and invites the hula girls to join her. Mertle refuses to go because she does not want to be with Lilo, and Stitch is not allowed inside because no dogs are admitted. They team up to catch a metal-eating experiment. Eventually, Gantu is allowed to capture the experiment to save Mertle and Stitch. The hula girls take Mertle back, and Lilo apologizes to Stitch for neglecting him.

Experiments mentioned: Tank (586) and Reuben (625).

Notes: Special guest appearance by "Weird Al" Yankovic, who voices a singing minstrel.
22 "Hunkahunka" January 11, 2004 (2004-01-11) 121

It is Valentine's Day, and Lilo uses an experiment that makes people fall in love to make Keoni fall in love with her. Stitch must catch the experiment before Gantu does.

Experiments mentioned: Hunkahunka (323).
23 "Yaarp" November 21, 2003 (2003-11-21) 122

Lilo's idea for an alien invasion alarm to improve the hula school is rejected, so she tries to write a letter to the mayor about it. Meanwhile, a loud experiment causes Stitch to temporarily lose his hearing, so earless Pleakley is given the job of capturing the experiment himself. While Pleakley is off looking for Yaarp, Gantu captures Stitch and will not let him free without a trade.

Experiment mentioned: Yaarp (613).
24 "627" November 24, 2003 (2003-11-24) 123

Stitch becomes egotistical after beating his experiment catching record, so Jumba decides to put him in his place by activating his brand new experiment, 627. Being more powerful than 626 with none of his weaknesses, Stitch may meet his match when 627 escapes Jumba's custody and falls into the hands of Gantu. 627 works for Gantu capturing experiments and proves unbeatable until 625, jealous of the attention 627 gets, calls Lilo and reveals that 627's weakness is laughter. Lilo and Stitch use this to defeat 627, and as it is impossible to turn him good, they use a dehyrdrator to turn him back into a pod, but Jumba is shown to have Experiment 628(, or Mamf, )whose pod he stores on his ship.

Experiments mentioned: Slimy (390), Deforestator (515), Eva (567), Zap (603), Reuben (625), Evile (627), Mamf (628).
25 "Sinker" December 15, 2003 (2003-12-15) 124

A small, purple shark-like experiment is destroying and sinking enemy ships with its large dorsal fin. His one true place is at a Japanese restaurant, where he uses his large fin to cut up vegetables and fillet fish for the chefs to make sushi.

Experiments mentioned: Sinker (602) and Reuben (625).
26 "Angel" January 5, 2004 (2004-01-05) 125

The search for the next experiment stops when Stitch falls in love with a female experiment, but Lilo is suspicious of her. When she looks up Angel in Jumba's computer, she discovers that the experiment turns good experiments back to evil by singing her siren song.

Experiments mentioned: Sparky (221), Yin (501), Yang (502), Ritcher (513), Cannonball (520), Slushy (523), Kixx (601), Angel (624) and Reuben (625).
27 "Dupe" December 29, 2003 (2003-12-29) 126

Lilo hosts a slumber party, but none of her classmates from hula school come. When she finds an experiment that creates duplicates, she tries to clone herself so that she can have friends. Stitch saves her, but is cloned instead. Stitch is weakened by the duplication when his strength is divided among all the clones. Gantu is able to use several experiments to capture Stitch. Lilo tricks Gantu into using Dupe to turn his few experiments into an army and then combines the Stitches back into one full-strength Stitch.

Experiments mentioned: Hammerface (033), Dupe (344), Yin (501), Yang (502), Richter (513), Cannonball (520), Thresher (544), Heat (609), Plasmoid (617) and Reuben (625).
28 "Slushy" December 26, 2003 (2003-12-26) 127

523 chills the weather in Lilo's town during a very hot day. He makes it so cold that it starts to snow. Slushy also battles with Splodyhead (619). Splodyhead wins and restores the warm climate of the island. Slushy finds his one true place at the ice cream shop creating Shave Ice.

Experiments mentioned: Slushy (523), Splodyhead (619) and Reuben (625).
29 "Nosy" December 19, 2003 (2003-12-19) 128

Nani invites her prospective boss home to demonstrate the spirit of ohana. Lilo has a crush on the boss's son Keoni. Before the visit, they find a new experiment who is designed to snoop around and dig up dirt on the enemy. The experiment is so annoying that Lilo and Stitch give Nosy to Gantu. Nosy then annoys Gantu and Hamsterviel so much that they release him. He returns to Lilo's house just in time to finish the visit with Nani's boss. In the end, Nosy returns to Gantu's ship and spreads rumors about Gantu to 625. Nosy is voiced by Bobcat Goldthwait.

Experiments mentioned: Nosy (199) and Reuben (625).
30 "Swirly" November 3, 2003 (2003-11-03) 129

A popular television show comes to Hawaii as a hypnotizing experiment is activated. Lilo dislikes the show, but under the experiment’s spell, she is instructed to be more like Mertle, who happens to love the show. Stitch is also hypnotized and wants to be on the show. Hamsterviel orders Gantu to go on the show and use the experiment to hypnotize the audience, bringing them under Hamsterviel's power. Lilo and Stitch rescue Swirly just in time and leave Gantu stranded in front of a live audience.

Experiments mentioned: Swirly (383) and Reuben (625).
31 "Finder" December 22, 2003 (2003-12-22) 130

Stitch becomes jealous of a new experiment when Lilo takes him to show-and-tell instead of Stitch. Meanwhile, Dr. Hämsterviel escapes from prison and travels to Earth, where he is "adopted" by Mertle. While the Grand Councilwoman offers to reinstate Gantu's position for the capture of Dr. Hämsterviel, Stitch strives to upstage Finder by finding him first. Mertle is captured by Gantu by accident and Stitch and Finder team up to rescue her, with Finder flying Stitch to Gantu's ship. Stitch disables Gantu's ship again and Mertle is rescued, while the Grand Councilwoman takes Hämsterviel into custody but doesn't reinstate Gantu due to his kidnapping Mertle. Finder is put to work running a Lost and Found at the beach.

Experiments mentioned: Finder (158), Greaseprint (458, but 158 was stated as 458), Yin (501), Yang (502), Richter (513), Cannonball (520) and Reuben (625).
32 "Felix" January 9, 2004 (2004-01-09) 131

Gantu found an experiment and let it go, but it is found by Lilo and taken to her home, where she names him Felix (due to her statement that all "neat freaks" on television are named "Felix"). Felix is an experiment mad with cleanliness and cleans everything, for that Felix becomes very good friends with Pleakley. However, Felix is so mad with the cleaning, he thinks all around him are dirty and now wants to destroy Lilo, Stitch and the others. Now Lilo and Stitch must save everyone from Felix's mania and clean the home before Nani returns.

Experiments mentioned: Felix (010), Cannonball (520) and Reuben (625).
33 "Elastico" November 17, 2003 (2003-11-17) 132

Lilo ignores Stitch while working on a new hula dance. Stitch finds a cousin performing as a circus entertainer and when he attempts to capture Elastico, he is adopted as a circus performer himself. Gantu captures but cannot hold Elastico, who returns to the circus. Lilo realizes that Stitch has left and convinces him to stay in Hawaii and not travel with his new circus family.

Experiments mentioned: Felix (010), Topper (025), Clip (177), Elastico (345), Yin (501), Yang (502), Ritcher (513), Cannonball (520), Slushy (523), Yaarp (613) and Reuben (625).
34 "Short Stuff" January 2, 2004 (2004-01-02) 133

Lilo takes Stitch to a carnival, but Stitch is too short for the rides. A small crab-like experiment that fouls up machinery is activated. Pleakley uses Jumba's invention to make Stitch grow, but Gantu interrupts and Stitch grows too big. Then, Short Stuff is also zapped, and the two giants battle each other back at the carnival. Short Stuff is defeated after Stitch returns to normal size and becomes a new ride at the carnival at his giant size.

Experiments mentioned: Shortstuff (297) and Reuben (625).
35 "Melty" December 8, 2003 (2003-12-08) 134

While trying to catch a fire-breathing experiment, Lilo falls into a puddle of mud in front of Keoni. To erase her embarrassment, she tries to use Jumba's time-traveling invention. Each time she tries to change the past, it creates a progressively worse future. Finally, Lilo realizes that she must live events as they were meant to occur and repeats her embarrassing fall. However, Keoni later shows up to cheer her up.

Experiments mentioned: Melty (228).
36 "Bonnie & Clyde" January 16, 2004 (2004-01-16) 135

After being grounded for being rowdy, Lilo and Stitch sneak out of their room and meet a criminal experiment duo, who urges them to do whatever they want. After causing trouble around the island and realizing the consequences of their naughty behavior, though, Lilo and Stitch decide to capture the crooks to redeem themselves. They pretend that they are working with the two again, but once they are taken to their hideout, capture the two experiments who are then taken to their one true place: prison. Lilo and Stitch have to clean up the mess they made as repayment for their crimes. The experiments names are parodies of the bank robbing duo, Bonnie and Clyde.

Experiments mentioned: Bonnie (149), Clyde (150) and Reuben (625).
37 "Baby-Fier" January 12, 2004 (2004-01-12) 136

An experiment that turns people into babies activates and turns Stitch, Nani, Jumba, Pleakley and Gantu into babies. Baby Stitch and Baby Gantu battle for the experiment, while Lilo and Baby Jumba (who still possesses the intellect of adult Jumba) have to mix an antidote for the age regression requiring adult coffee in the mix. In the end, Stitch gets it and everything goes back to normal.

Experiments mentioned: Baby-Fier (151) and Reuben (625).
38 "Drowsy" February 28, 2004 (2004-02-28) 137

Stitch uses an experiment to get a restless Lilo to sleep, but cannot wake her up the next day. While he is forced to use her sleeping body as a puppet to complete her responsibilities, Gantu is instructed to capture the experiment and kidnap the vacationing Regis Philbin.

Experiments mentioned: Stopgo (102), Finder (158), Nosox (204), Clickster (239, but 102 was stated as 239), Alexander (274), Drowsy (360), Sinker (602) and Reuben (625).

Notes: Special guest appearance by Regis Philbin, voicing himself.
39 "Slugger" January 26, 2004 (2004-01-26) 138

Lilo's baseball team loses to Mertle's team, due to Pleakley's lack of confidence. Later, Lilo and Mertle make a beat for another game, and that whoever wins the game will get the other player's personal items. Then a small, yellow, pterosaur-like experiment activates that is designed to deflect projectiles with his tail shaped like a baseball bat. Lilo decides to place him on their team in Pleakley's place, in hopes of beating Mertle's team. But to make matters worse, Mertle has placed Gantu on her team, who has promised to help her win the game with a bargain to achieve the experiment at the end. Mertle ends up changing things so they play basketball instead of baseball, but Pleakley saves the day as he turns out to be a champion player of a similar game on his homeworld.

Experiments mentioned: Yin (501), Yang (502), Richter (513), Slushy (523), Kixx (601), Slugger (608), Splodyhead (619) and Reuben (625).
40 "Sample" January 11, 2004 (2004-01-11) 139

Stitch is afraid of going to the vet and ends up meeting an experiment that can repeat any sound. Two alien hunters try to capture Stitch, Sample, and Gantu.

Experiments mentioned: Sample (258) and Reuben (625).

Season 2: 2004–2006[edit]

  • Lilo, Stitch, and Jumba were present for every episode.
  • Pleakley was absent for one episode.
  • Gantu was absent for five episodes.
  • Nani was absent for eight episodes.

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Episode Title U.S Air Date Production Code
41 "Spike" November 5, 2004 (2004-11-05) 201

Lilo wants to beat Mertle at the "Ohana-Rama" family trivia contest, but loses confidence when Stitch is poked by an experiment whose venom makes people 99% goofy and 1% clever. Meanwhile, Pleakley starts a therapy group named "E.A.R.W.A.X." to rehabilitate experiments.

Experiments mentioned: Fibber (032), Squeak (110), Bonnie (149), Clyde (150), Nosy (199), Spike (319), Slushy (523), Yaarp (613) and Splodyhead (619).

Notes: Experiment 099 Spot was originally supposed to appear in this episode, but was removed.
42 "Frenchfry" November 12, 2004 (2004-11-12) 202

After Nani bans junk food, Lilo and Stitch encounter an experiment that cooks delicious cuisine. Little do they know, they will be unable to stop eating because his food never fills people up, no matter how much they eat. Frenchfry is actually trying to fatten them up so that he can eat them himself. Hamsterviel does not appear.

Experiments mentioned: Frenchfry (062) and Reuben (625).
43 "Shoe" December 10, 2004 (2004-12-10) 203

When Nani ends up short on cash, the rest of the ohana decides to start a "Bed And Not Breakfast" to bring in extra money. An experiment designed to bring bad luck threatens to ruin the business, until Jumba remembers that its effect can be reversed to turn very bad luck into very good luck.

Experiments mentioned: Poki (036), Backhoe (040), Shoe (113), Yin (501), Deforestator (515), Kixx (601) and Reuben (625).
44 "Swapper" November 19, 2004 (2004-11-19) 204

Lilo meets a new friend named Victoria who also joins Lilo's hula class. However, Mertle will stop at nothing to try and befriend her so that she will not be Lilo's friend. Lilo then attempts to prove that she's not weird by throwing a "Lilo's Not Weird" party. However, an experiment appears that switches people's minds, which results in Lilo, Stitch, Jumba and Pleakley switching bodies. From Stitch's body Lilo must make sure the party is successful, while Stitch has to pretend to be her. Eventually, the experiment is defeated and Victoria reveals that she likes weird.

Experiments mentioned: Swapper (355) and Reuben (625).
45 "Slick" January 7, 2005 (2005-01-07) 205

Lilo and Stitch compete with Mertle to sell the most candy bars for their hula halau. The competition turns fierce when a slick-talking experiment appears that has the ability to sell anything.

Experiments mentioned: Slick (020) and Reuben (625).
46 "Skip" February 11, 2005 (2005-02-11) 206

Tired of childhood restrictions, Lilo uses an experiment that skips time ahead ten years in the future to turn herself into a teenager and then into an adult. However, while she and Stitch disappear for twenty years, Dr. Hämsterviel captures the experiments and takes over the world.

Experiments mentioned: Clink (086), Skip (089), Shoe (113), Clog (143), Finder (158), Cheney (205), Sparky (221), and Reuben (625).
47 "Checkers" March 4, 2005 (2005-03-04) 207

Lilo's hula halau is building a Merrie Monarch parade float, and Lilo is upset that the others do not like her ideas. However, when a crown-shaped experiment sits on her head, its power causes everyone to treat her like a queen. After she sees the consequences of her rule and decides to step down, Gantu takes the experiment and makes himself king.

Experiments mentioned: Checkers (029), Backhoe (040), Clip (177), Sparky (221), Spooky (300), Elastico (345), Yin (501), Ritcher (513), Deforestator (515), Cannonball (520), Slushy (523), Digger (529), Kixx (601), Holio (606), Splodyhead (619), and Reuben (625).
48 "Rufus" August 26, 2005 (2005-08-26) 208

When Stitch is kidnapped by Dr. Drakken, Pleakley calls on the help of Kim Possible to rescue him. Although they initially both want the other to step aside, Lilo and Kim must work together to accomplish this goal. Also, Jumba mistakes Rufus for the dangerous experiment 607. Gantu and Reuben do not appear.

Experiment mentioned: Launch (607).

Notes: This episode features a crossover with Kim Possible.
49 "PJ" April 1, 2005 (2005-04-01) 209

When Lilo is blamed for pranking her strict substitute hula teacher, she decides to use a practical-jokester experiment to get revenge and impress Mertle. Stitch must stop them before the jokes go too far.

Experiments mentioned: Gigi (007), PJ (133) and Drowsy (360).
50 "Phoon" August 24, 2005 (2005-08-24) 210

Lilo quits experiment hunting to go to Hula Hip Hop Fusion school. Meanwhile, Experiment 540 is unleashed, causing Gantu to take a bad blow to the head. Jumba's new device causes Phoon to mutate into a giant monster. Meanwhile, Gantu thinks that 625 and Hamsterviel are just figments of his imagination. Note: Phoon is female not male.

Experiments mentioned: Stitch (626), Phoon (540) and Reuben (625).
51 "Spats" August 12, 2005 (2005-08-12) 211

The Proud Family comes to visit Hawaii and stay in the "Bed And Not Breakfast" for their visit. Experiment 397 is the on the loose, causing people to fight with each other.

Experiment mentioned: Spats (397) and Reuben (625).

Notes: This episode features a crossover with The Proud Family.
52 "Link" July 29, 2006 (2006-07-29) 212

When Lilo and Mertle are forced to work together to find buried treasure, an experiment appears that binds together uncooperative people with sticky elastic glue. Mertle helps Lilo catch the experiment, while Stitch becomes stuck to Nani and Jumba becomes stuck to Pleakley.

Experiments mentioned: Link (251), Char (412), Botulator (413), Crusty (414), Patter (415) and Reuben (625).

Notes: This episode first appeared as a bonus feature on the Leroy & Stitch DVD before it aired on television.
53 "Snooty" May 13, 2005 (2005-05-13) 213

Victoria becomes afraid of an experiment after it attacks her and thinks that it is a vampire. Lilo tries to explain that she can capture it and turn it good, but after it puts Stitch out of commission, Victoria decides to team up with Gantu to "slay" the monster.

Experiments mentioned: Snooty (277), Phantasmo (375), and Reuben (625).
54 "Retro" May 20, 2005 (2005-05-20) 214

Nani's middle school friends, Ellen and Lona return to Kauai and, thinking that Nani is vice president of the business she works for, invites her and her ohana on a yacht cruise. Meanwhile, Stitch encounters an experiment that reverts objects, animals, and even people to a primitive state.

Experiment mentioned: Retro (210).
55 "Remmy" April 14, 2006 (2006-04-14) 215

It is the anniversary of Lilo's parents' death, and Lilo takes a nap to deal with her sadness about losing her parents. However, when an experiment enters her dreams and tries to dissolve them into nightmares, Stitch, Jumba, and Pleakley go in after it to capture it before she wakes up. Meanwhile, Nani tries to find a way to make Lilo feel happy again. Gantu and Reuben appear only in Lilo's dream.

Experiments mentioned: Felix (010) Slick (020), Hamlette (024), Fibber (032) Hammerface (033), Poki (036), Carmen (123), Backhoe (040), Frenchfry (062), Squeak (110), Shoe (113), Sparky (221), Melty (228), Remmy (276), Dupe (344), Elastico (345), Drowsy (360), Yin (501), Yang (502), Deforestator (515), Cannonball (520), Slushy (523), Thresher (544), Heat (609), Yaarp (613), Angel (624), Reuben (625), and 627.
56 "Belle" June 3, 2005 (2005-06-03) 216

While out trying to prove the existence of the Night Marchers (an ancient Hawaiian legend), Lilo, Mertle, Stitch, Jumba, and Pleakley tell each other scary stories. Meanwhile, Experiment 248, later known as Belle, is being chased by Gantu. Hamsterviel and Reuben do not appear. Note: Belle is female not male.

Experiment mentioned: Belle (248).
57 "Ploot" April 22, 2005 (2005-04-22) 217

Lilo tries to clean Pudge's grotto for Earth Day, but meets an experiment that eats trash and later redistributes it across the island as pollutant goo. When Stitch gets sick from eating trash, Lilo must find a way to stop Ploot by herself. Eventually, Stitch is cured and thanks to Pleakley, a way to defeat Ploot is found through a combination of air fresheners. With help from Stitch, Lilo defeats Ploot herself, and he becomes good and sets to work at cleaning up trash and pollution rather than making it.

Experiments mentioned: Babyfier (151), Finder (158), Sparky (221), Drowsy (360), Ploot (505), Richter (513), Deforestator (515), Kixx (601), and Sinker (602).
58 "Heckler" August 22, 2005 (2005-08-22) 218

Nani is having trouble organizing a charity dinner, so Pleakley offers to help entertain by providing stand up comedy. However, when an experiment designed to mock people appears and leads Lilo down the wrong path, she and Stitch have to stop him before his heckling ruins the event.

Experiments mentioned: Heckler (322) and Reuben (625).

Guest Star: Will Sasso as Heckler.
59 "Lax" January 16, 2006 (2006-01-16) 219

The cast of Recess visits Kauai so Gretchen can use a telescope to examine what she believes is a new planet. Meanwhile, an experiment designed to make people stop working zaps Stitch, Jumba, and Pleakley with its lazy beam. Lilo is forced to depend on her new friends to catch the experiment while Stitch takes a vacation.

Experiments mentioned: Lax (285) and Reuben (625).

Notes: This episode features a crossover with Recess.
60 "Mrs. Hasagawa's Cats / Ace" May 19, 2006 (2006-05-19) 220

"Mrs. Hasagawa's Cats": Lilo and Stitch try to help Mrs. Hasagawa out by organizing her fruit stand and cleaning her yard. However, when she tries to offer them a bowl of apricots for their help, they discover that the bowl is actually full of experiment pods and that her house is full of stray experiments which she believes are "cats". Lilo and Stitch try to gather all the experiments.

"Ace": The leader of the Evil Genius Organization (EGO) believes that Jumba has turned good and wants to revoke his membership, but Lilo convinces him to visit Earth so that they can prove that Jumba is still worthy of membership. As they construct an elaborate facade to trick him, however, a failed non-evil experiment is activated. Gantu does not bother to catch this experiment.

Experiments mentioned: Doubledip (002), Hamlette (024), Gotchu (031), Forehead (044), Hocker (051), Zawp (077), Fetchit (090), Mulch (111), Shredder (134), Geigenstein (201), Pix (214), Ace (262), Boomer (288), Manners (358), Yin (501), Yang (502), Woody (507), Sprout (509), Richter (513), Deforestator (515), Wrapper (521), Slushy (523), Blowhard (533), Derrick (566), Kixx (601), Holio (606), Splodyhead (619), Reuben (625) and Evile (627).
61 "Wishy-Washy" August 23, 2005 (2005-08-23) 221

It is nearly graduation for hula school, and everyone needs to have a picture with their parents, but Lilo does not have parents. Along comes experiment 267 designed to makes wishes, so Lilo decides to try to get Nani and David married.

Experiments mentioned: Wishy-Washy (267) and Reuben (625).
62 "Shush" August 26, 2005 (2005-08-26) 222

Experiment 234, designed to collect private enemy conversations through her tail, is accidentally activated by Lilo. When she gets into trouble after overhearing part of a conversion and thinking that Mertle hates her friends, Mertle, out of anger, willingly helps catch experiments for Hamsterviel. Note: Shush is female not male.

Experiments mentioned: Shush (234).
63 "Bugby" August 25, 2005 (2005-08-25) 223

Lilo builds a town called Bugopolis for her new friends in her bug collection, but Stitch keeps trying to eat the citizens. He loses his appetite, though, after Experiment 128 (Bugby) turns Lilo into a Ladybug, Stitch into an Ant, Jumba into a Stinkbug, and Pleakley into a Praying Mantis. With the help of bugs named Chaps, Manny, and Sperk, they have to find a way to change themselves back soon because Nani has called an exterminator.

Experiment mentioned: Bugby (128).
64 "Glitch / Woops" June 23, 2006 (2006-06-23) 224

"Glitch": Lilo is tired of doing chores and asks Jumba to build a machine to help her, so he ends up upgrading the entire house to do the chores itself. However, when an experiment enters the computer control system and glitches it up, Stitch must fight the house to rescue everyone.

"Woops": A clumsy experiment causes Dr. Hämsterviel to nearly be caught by his prison guards, so he returns all the captured experiments to Gantu for safekeeping. However, when he lets the trouble-making experiment go, it threatens to ruin Pleakley's chance at a domino championship.

Experiments mentioned: Felix (010), Gotchu (031), Fibber (032), Hammerface (033), Forehead (044), Zawp (077), Nosy (199), Retro (210), Glitch (223), Boomer (288), Amnesio (303), Woops (600), Slugger (608) and Reuben (625).
65 "Morpholomew" July 1, 2005 (2005-07-01) 225

Keoni is going away for the weekend, so Lilo enters the island's skateboarding competition for him. At the same time, Jake, Gramps and Fu Dog (from American Dragon: Jake Long) visit the island to check out reports that magical creatures (actually Jumba's experiments) are running rampant. Nani and Pleakley do not appear in this episode.

Experiment mentioned: Morpholomew (316), Jacob (446), and Reuben (625).

Notes: This episode features a crossover with American Dragon: Jake Long. It also features a guest appearance by Miranda Cosgrove of iCarly fame.

Stitch! (Season 3)[edit]

Episode # Title Original airdate First English airing
(Disney Channel Australia)
68 "Ichariba Choodee (When we meet, We become Family)"  (English dub title: Ichariba Chodei)
"Ichariba Choodee" (イチャリバチョーデー) 
October 8, 2008 December 4, 2009
In the pilot episode, after the events of Leroy and Stitch, Lilo is now an adult and she has a boyfriend and a daughter, making Stitch to leave Hawaii and blast off into space after stealing a Jet Scooter. While acting totally nuts and goes back to his old programming ways of destroying things. An attempt to recapture Stitch is made, but he makes an emergency landing on Earth. Stitch finds himself on an Okinawan island to search for food and go back to Hawaii and tells Lilo he's sorry for running away from home but instead he meets a young girl named Yuna. After bonding during a storm, the two become friends.
Experiment appearances: Experiment 625 (Reuben) 
69 "The Good Deed Counter"
"Iikoto Kauntā" (イイコトカウンター) 
October 8, 2008 December 11, 2009
Stitch is told of a legend that will grant him any wish that he wants, an Okinawan legend; but all the while, he has to help apologize for the damage he caused in Chitama Town with Yuna. All the while, Stitch tries to land a Good Deed by getting back a letter from Yuna's father, whom she discarded with haste. Later, he then runs into Jumba and Pleakley whom stay with him upon landing in Izayoi Island; and Jumba ends up making a bracelet called the Good Deed Counter, in order to track his deeds along the way.
Experiment appearances: Experiment 625 (Reuben) 
70 "Strongest Monster of the Forest, Kijimuna (The Legendary Spirit)"  (English dub title: Kijimunaa)
"Mori no Saikyō Yōkai Kijimunaa" (森の最強妖怪 キジムナー) 
October 15, 2008 December 18, 2009
Obaa tells Stitch and Yuna of a powerful spirit named Kijimunaa, who they go on an adventure to meet. 
71 "The Painting Monster, Muun"  (English dub title: Bojo)
"Peinto Yōkai Mūn" (ペイント妖怪むうん) 
October 22, 2008 January 11, 2010
Yuna is upset when her classmate Piko draws a bad picture of her. After trying to make her smile and failing, Stitch tries to cheer her up by drawing pictures of her smiling, but does so all over the house. She demands he cleans it but he instead runs off to the beach where he unknowingly picks up the magical tail brush of Muun, who lost his brush as he swung it round saying he had lost his desire to draw. Stitch being angry about Yuna draws a picture of himself in the sand and is shocked when it comes to life! The giant Stitch drawing then goes on a rampage, and even against Stitch's best efforts, it manages to grab Yuna. Muun appears and tells Stitch to draw the smiling Yuna again using his brush, who when made soothes the Stitch drawing and saves the real Yuna. Finally, Muun gets his inspiration back for painting.
Note: In the English dub, this episode was trimmed down to 11 minutes and became the first half of episode 4. The second half was a trimmed version of the Japanese episode 9. 
72 "Mysterious Lightning Biribiri Alien"  (English dub title: An Electrifying Experience)
"Nazo no Denki Biribiri Eirian" (謎の電気ビリビリ·エイリアン) 
October 29, 2008 January 25, 2010
Hamsterviel tries to take Stitch's good deed counter by controlling Sparky.
Experiment appearances: Experiment 625 (Reuben), Experiment 221 (Sparky) 
73 "Lovelove! Angel"  (English dub title: Angel's Flight)
"Sukisuki! Enjeru" (すきすき!エンジェル) 
November 5, 2008 February 1, 2010
Yuna and Stitch decide to make a wind-chime for Obaa's birthday. Stitch then gets a letter from Angel telling him she's coming to the island. As Yuna tries to sort out their present, Stitch reunites with Angel, even showing her the spiritual stone. Yuna continues to try to get Stitch and Angel involved with Obaa's present, asking them to help her design it, but Yuna is soon left to make it herself. But after Angel sings to Stitch with a sick/croaky voice, Stitch reverts back to being bad. He starts to cause all sorts of chaos around the town. He eventually goes too far by breaking the wind-chime Yuna made for Obaa, which Yuna then blames on Angel, upsetting Angel so she leaves. After Jumba finally gets Stitch back to normal, Stitch and Yuna start to worry after Obaa gives Stitch a note from Angel that reads "Goodbye" After failing to find her, they head home sorrowfully when Kijimuna reveals he found her and is taking care of her. After getting better, Angel finally helps make Obaa's present. Angel then leaves on a cruise ship, waving goodbye to Yuna and Stitch. Experiment appearances: Experiment 624 (Angel) 
74 "Stitch Becomes a Mama"  (English dub title: Babeechik)
"Sutitchi, Mama ni naru" (スティッチ、ママになる) 
November 12, 2008 February 8, 2010
Stitch accidentally hatches a baby bird who thinks Stitch is its mother. 
75 "Stitch Lost!"  (English dub title: Stitch and the Stitches)
"Sutitchi ga Ippai!" (スティッチがいっぱい!) 
November 19, 2008 February 15, 2010
Yuna wanted to take a picture of Stitch using her grandma's camera, but it is out of film. So, she take Jumba's camera to take a picture of Stitch. Tarou sees all the pictures of Stitch, but he sees that Stitch is blinking animatedly in the picture. Then, many copies of Stitch came out and invade Izayoi. They stole cameras and making camera stew, saying "Camera!" many times. So Stitch has to put down many copies of him. 
76 "Cleaning Alien Felix"  (English dub title: Felix Redux)
"Osōji Eirian Firikkusu" (お掃除エイリアン フィリックス) 
November 26, 2008 January 11, 2010
Stitch is scolded by Yuna for making a mess. Rather than clear it up himself, he borrows a transmitter and calls in Felix to help.
Experiment appearances: Experiment 010 (Felix)

Note: In the English dub, this episode was trimmed down to 11 minutes and served as the second half of episode 4. 
77 "Let's Go Warracchi!"  (English dub title: Warracchi)
"Waracchi ga Yattekita!" (ワラッチがやってきた!) 
December 3, 2008 February 22, 2010
A yōkai named Warracchi starts playing harmless and amusing pranks on the island's inhabitants. Seeing how happy the jokes seem to make everyone happy, Stitch soon begins playing pranks of his own, but they quickly get out of hand. 
78 "Panic in the Pineapple Plant"  (English dub title: Hull & Husk)
"Painappuru Kōjō wa Dai Panikku" (パイナップル工場は大パニック) 
December 10, 2008 March 1, 2010
Yuna has a class visit to the pineapple factory. Yuna was late because Jumba invented a good deed memory (イイコトメモリ iikoto memori?)Script error to let Yuna type her diaries. But Stitch looked at the pineapples, he was coming to invade the factory. Then, a blue slug (which is one of the Izayoi spirits) attacked the pineapple factory. Jumba invents an electric gun to shoot the blue slug.

Note: In the English dub, this episode was trimmed down to 11 minutes and became the first half of episode 10. The second half was a trimmed version of the Japanese episode 12. 
79 "Fox Girl Dolores"  (English dub title: Foxy Beige)
"Kitsune Shōjo Dorōresu" (キツネ少女 ドローレス) 
December 14, 2008 March 1, 2010

Yuna gets sick on the day of a festival and Stitch goes with Angel instead. Stitch meets a yōkai named Dolores (Foxy Biege in the English dub) who promises to make fireworks for Yuna in exchange for her own things.

Note: In the English dub, this episode was trimmed down to 11 minutes and served as the second half of episode 10. The first half was a trimmed version of the Japanese episode 11. 
80 "Stitch and Santa"
"Sutitchi to Santa-san" (スティッチとサンタさん) 
December 24, 2008 December 17, 2010

Christmas is coming to the island. Hamsterviel has a plan to hypnotize all the kids of the island to do his bidding by eating evil cookies. Jumba comes up with a plan to reverse the attack. After Yuna and Stitch stop him they don't think there's gonna be a Christmas. When Santa comes he gets Stitch to help him send the presents around the island.

Note: But the episode was first aired in Disney Channel Asia on July 11, 2010. This is the last episode of Season to air in Australia. The episode showed a lot far less Japanese text remaining in the dub like in "Special Guest Star Stitch." For many Japanese are translated to English and none remain in the dub. 
81 "Riceball Reuben"  (English dub title: Reuben's Rice Balls)
"Onigiri Rūben" (おにぎりルーベン) 
January 7, 2009 April 26, 2010
Yuna's student Taro doesn't like eating healthy food to win the black belt competition and when Reuben comes he makes riceballs with secret food in it so Taro can win.
Experiment appearances: Experiment 625 (Reuben)
Note: In the English dub, this episode was trimmed down to 11 minutes and served as the second half of episode 16. The first half was a trimmed version of the Japanese episode 21. 
82 "Hinotama Boy Damatchi"  (English dub title: Damacchi)
"Hinotama Bōya Damatchi" (火の玉ぼうや ダマッチ) 
January 14, 2009 March 15, 2010
Yuna and Stitch meet a Feebema named Damacchi who doesn't fit in with other Damacchis. They soon realize the reason he doesn't belong is because he's a meteor shower. Experiment appearances: Experiment 624 (Angel) 
83 "Stitch Getting Lazy"  (English dub title: Himamushi)
"Sutitchi, Gūtara ni naru" (スティッチ、グータラになる) 
January 21, 2009 March 22, 2010

When a student at Yuna's dojo wishes his father wasn't so strict, a yōkai named Himamushi makes it come true. Yuna and Stitch try to convince Himamushi to change him back to normal.

Note: In the English dub, this episode was trimmed down to 11 minutes and became the first half of episode 12. The second half was a trimmed version of the Japanese episode 82 
84 "Stitch, Idol Debut?!"  (English dub title: Special Guest Star Stitch)
"Sutitchi, Aidoru Debyū?!" (スティッチ、アイドルデビュー?!) 
January 28, 2009 March 29, 2010

Piko shows off her book of her fan, Tetsuo. So Yuna and Piko pull Piko's book and Stitch tears up into half. Meanwhile in Yuna's dojo, directors and producers came, and picked Stitch to become an actor.

Note: In the English dub of the anime, the Japanese kana on the magazines of Tetsuo is erased and the Japanese title of the show starring Tetsuo is translated and it is Kid Cop in the dub. But however, the bullet scenes are unedited. 
85 "Stitch's Singing Pride"  (English dub title: Stitch Sings!)
"Suteicchi no Uta Jiman" (スティッチのうたじまん) 
February 4, 2009 April 12, 2010
Yuna, Taro and Stitch enter a singing competition but Stitch realizes he can't sing. Taro really wants to win so he can get a trip to the hot springs for his dad, so Pleakley gave him lessons. 
86 "Stitch's Rampage Express"  (English dub title: Neither Rain Nor Sleet)
"Sutitchi no Bōsō Ressha" (スティッチの暴走列車) 
February 11, 2009 March 22, 2010

While the postman is sick, Yuna and Stitch deliver a dropped letter to a woman named Mrs. Tanaka. Meanwhile, Jumba and Pleakley find a letter for Yuna.

Note: In the English dub, this episode was trimmed down to 11 minutes and served as the second half of episode 12. The first half was a trimmed version of the Japanese episode 16. 
87 "Teachings from Jumba"  (English dub title: Topsy-Turvy)
"Oshiete Janba-Sensei" (教えてジャンバ先生) 
February 18, 2009 April 19, 2010
Jumba gets Stitch to be his new lab assistant but when Stitch doesn't help properly he quits and runs into town. Jumba notices some mystery things going on in town and meet a yokai named Topsy-Turvy who turns things around. 
88 "Stitch's Surprise Party"  (English dub title: The Surprise Party)
"Sutitchi no Sapuraizu Pātī" (スティッチのサプライズパーティー) 
February 25, 2009 April 26, 2010

Everyone is planning a surprise party for Yuna and Stitch promises not to lie to her after he lies for eating her corn and Yuna thinks no one cares about her.

Note: In the English dub, this episode was trimmed down to 11 minutes and became the first half of episode 16. The second half was a trimmed version of the Japanese episode 14. 
89 "Kijimunaa Explorers"  (English dub title: The Twin Caverns)
"Kijimunaa Tankentai" (キジムナー探検隊) 
March 4, 2009 May 10, 2010
Yuna, Stitch, Jumba and Pleakley help Kijumnaa go to the Twin Caverns so he can become a guardian and help Obaa get better. 
90 "The Sleeping Angel of the Forest"  (English dub title: Pilolo)
"Nemureru Mori no Enjeru" (眠れる森のエンジェル) 
March 11, 2009 May 24, 2010
Yuna and Stitch discover that there`s a treasure buried in the forest of Shadow Valley, Angel appears and decides to go with them. But when Obaa tells them the horrible legined of the yokai Pilolo who lives in the forest they decide not to go. But the tresure dwells on Angel`s mind and she sets out to find it on her own. With the help of Kijumnaa Yuna and Stitch set out to find her. They find her fallen into a deep coma, they must now find out why.
Experiment appearances: Experiment 624 (Angel) 
91 "Showdown! Stitch vs. Hämsterviel (Part 1)"  (English dub title: Stitch vs. Hämsterviel Pt. I)
"Taiketsu! Sutitchi vs. Hamusutāvīru Pāto Wan" (対決!スティッチ vs.ハムスターヴィール パート1) 
March 25, 2009 June 14, 2010
Stitch is captured and now the whole island must rescue him. His friends, Jumba, Angel, Sparky and Felix are brainwashed by Hamsterviel and Gantu too.
Experiment appearances: Experiment 010 (Felix), Experiment 624 (Angel), Experiment 221 (Sparky), Experiment 625 (Reuben) 
92 "Showdown! Stitch vs. Hämsterviel (Part 2)"  (English dub title: Stitch vs. Hämsterviel Pt. II)
"Taiketsu! Sutitchi vs. Hamusutāvīru Pāto Tsū" (対決!スティッチ vs.ハムスターヴィール パート2) 
March 25, 2009 June 14, 2010
Hamsterviel gets Jumba to absorb power from the spirit tree so he can gain ultimate power and Yuna plans to break Stitch out of prison.
Experiment appearances: Experiment 010 (Felix), Experiment 624 (Angel), Experiement 221 (Sparky), Experiment 625 (Reuben) 
93 "Challenge from Piko"  (English dub title: Stitch vs. Penny)
"Pīko kara no Chōsenjō" (ピーコからの挑戦状) 
June 26, 2009
(Disney Channel Japan)
June 7, 2010

Piko challenges Yuna and her karata class to a dojo match and Stitch decides to join in. He loses Yuna's sand necklace and thinks she can do the dojo without it.

Note: Last episode of season 1 (Japan only) 

Stitch! ~The Mischievous Alien's Great Adventure~ (Season 4)[edit]

Episode# Title Original airdate First English airing
(Disney Channel Australia)
94 "The #1 Annoying Character in the Universe appears"  (English dub title: BooGoo)
"Uchū Ichi no Meiwaku Kyara, Tōjō!" (宇宙一の迷惑キャラ、登場!) 
October 13, 2009 December 9, 2011

When Hamsterviel escapes from prison he gets a small flying insect to turn Stitch's good deed counter the opposite. Whenever he does a good deed his points go down on his good deed counter and when he does bad things his good deed counter goes up. When Kijumunaa gets really sick Stitch decides to get rid of his good deed counter and save him along with Yuna. Jumba tries to figure out what's wrong with the good deed counter and Pleakley finds bug that reversed the good deed counter. Hamsterviel sent Gantu to arrest Jumba and Pleakley.

Experiment appearances: Experiment 625 (Reuben) 
95 "Cute... But Stinky! Stenchy"  (English dub title: A Stinky Episode)
"Kawaii... Kedo Kusai! Sutenchī" (かわいい…けどクサイ! ステンチー) 
October 20, 2009 December 30, 2011

Pleakley's parents bring Mr. Stenchy to the island when they come to visit. It causes a really bad aroma on the island and Stitch gets jealous once again.

Experiment appearances: Experiment 254 (Mr. Stenchy), Experiment 126 (Stank)
Kung fu Pleakley: Mr. Stenchy 
96 "Halloween is Stitch vs. the Vampire"  (English dub title: Dracula Jr.)
"Harowīn wa Sutitchi tai Banpaia" (ハロウィーンはスティッチVS.バンパイア) 
October 27, 2009 January 6, 2012

Halloween Special Episode

Experiment appearances: Experiment 010 (Felix), Experiment 221 (Sparky), Experiment 624 (Angel), Experiment 625 (Reuben)
Kung fu Pleakley: BooGoo 
97 "Stylish Transfer Student, Sae-chan"  (English dub title: Sasha)
"Oshare Tenkōsei, Sae-chan" (オシャレ転校生、サエちゃん) 
November 10, 2009 January 13, 2012
A new girl named Sasha who is a fashion model comes into town which causes a rivalry with Yuna and Penny to see who's a better fashion model.
Kung fu Pleakley: Pleakey's Mom 
98 "A Ghost Ship!"  (English dub title: Stitch Vs. Captain Khan)
"Yūreisen o Hikiagero!" (幽霊船を引き上げろ!!) 
November 17, 2009 January 20, 2012
Yuna tells Stitch the story of Captain Khan so Stitch decides to find the pirate and his ship. However Yuna, Stitch and Kijimuna run into a group of young pirates who are looking for the ship as well so Stitch decides to tag along with them.
Kung fu Pleakley: Checkers 
99 "Alien Power in Princess!"  (English dub title: Princess Penny)
"Eirian Pawā de Ohimesama!" (エイリアン・パワーでお姫さま!) 
November 24, 2009 January 27, 2012
Checkers turns Piko(Penny)into the queen of the island.
Experiment appearances: Experiment 029 (Checkers), Experiment 625 (Reuben)
Kung fu Pleakley: Kixx 
100 "Rivals Stuck Together!"  (English dub title: Link-age)
"Raibaru ga Kuttsuita!" (ライバルがくっついた!) 
December 1, 2009 February 3, 2012
Hamsterviel re-evils some experiments and causes them to do chaos again, such as Link who binds Yuna and Penny together, and Baby-fier who transforms everybody else (apart from Stitch) into tiny babies. While Stitch takes care of the babies, Yuna and Penny must try and co-operate together to find the antidote to get everyone back to normal.
Experiment appearances: Experiment 033 (Hammerface), Experiment 151 (Babyfier), Experiment 251 (Link), Experiment 319 (Spike), Experiment 507 (Woody), Experiment 625 (Reuben)
Kung fu Pleakley: Slugger 
101 "The Small Lie That Expanded Too Much"  (English dub title: Pteranodon!)
"Fukurami Sugita Chiisana Uso" (ふくらみ過ぎた小さなウソ) 
December 8, 2009 February 10, 2012

Dr Hamsterviel believes that Yuna's chain is the key to unlocking the Spirit Stone so he decides to go after it.

Note: In the English dub, this episode was trimmed down to 11 minutes and became the first half of episode 8. The second half was a trimmed version of the Japanese episode 17.
Experiment appearances: Experiment 625 (Reuben)
Kung fu Pleakley: Wishy-Washy 
102 "Stitch's Christmas Present"  (English Dub Title: We Wishy You a Washy Christmas)
"Sutitchi no Kurisumasu Purezento" (スティッチのクリスマスプレゼント) 
December 15, 2009 December 23, 2011

It's Christmas time and when Gantu accidentally sends Experiment 267 (Wishy-Wishy) instead of Experiment 297 (Shortstuff) Stitch decides to use its good wishes to raise up his good deed counter. However Yuna wants to get something for Obaa she tells her she doesn't need to get her anything. When Penny kicks a boy from her group out of their entourage he wishes he could ruin Penny's Christmas party and Wishy-Washy accidentally turns her Christmas tree into a monster and with no more wishes Stitch and the others must save Penny.

Experiment appearances: Experiment 297 (Shortstuff), Experiment 267 (Wishy-Washy), Experiment 625 (Reuben) 
103 "Stitch Transforms into a Natural Food-Eater"  (English dub title: Switcheroo)
"Sōshokukei Sutitchi ni Henshin" (草食系スティッチに変身) 
December 15, 2009 February 17, 2012
Stitch and Taro accidentally disturb a yokai and switch bodies. 
104 "School Work Inspection, Papa and a Storm Appears!"  (English dub title: Dads Day)
"Jugyō Sankan, Papa mo Arashi Moyattekuru!" (授業参観、パパも嵐もやってくる!) 
January 19, 2010 February 24, 2012
Yuna's father appears.[1]
Experiment appearances: Experiment 625 (Reuben)
Kung fu Pleakley: Remmy 
105 "Infiltrating Yuuna's dreams!"  (English dub title: A Recurring Nightmare)
"Yūna no Yume ni Sennyū seyo" (ユウナの夢に潜入せよ) 
January 26, 2010 March 2, 2012
Because her mother died when she was a baby, Yuna does not remember her face. On a certain night, Stitch finds out, and Experiment 276 (Remmy) entered Yuuna's dreams and turns it into a nightmare. Stitch, Jumba and Pleakley rush after 276 to get Remmy out and save Yuna. Ultimately Remmy is captured and he allows Yuna to see her mother's face.[1]
Experiment appearances: Experiment 276 (Remmy) Experimet 629 (Leroy)
Kung fu Pleakley: Amnesio 
106 "Stitch was Robbed of Memories"  (English dub title: The Return of Amnesio)
"Kioku o Ubawareta Sutitchi" (記憶をうばわれたスティッチ) 
February 2, 2010 March 9, 2012
Experiment 303, Amnesio, comes to the island and starts taking peoples memories.[2]
Experiment appearances: Experiment 025 (Topper), Experiment 303 (Amnesio), Experiment 383 (Swirly), Experiment 390 (Slimy), Experiment 502 (Yang), Experiment 602 (Sinker), Experiment 603 (Zap), Experiment 608 (Slugger), Experiment 619 (Splodyhead), Experiment 625 (Reuben)
Kung fu Pleakley: Hunkahunka 
107 "Love Angel! Happy Valentine's Day"  (English dub title: Hunkahunka Burnin' Angel)
"Enjeru Daisuki! Happi Barentain" (エンジェル大好き!ハッピー バレンタイン) 
February 9, 2010 March 23, 2012
Special Valentine's Day episode[2] Stitch accidentally upsets Angel. Desperate, Stitch uses HunkaHunka to have her fall in love with him. His plan works but things soon get out of hand, as HunkaHunka starts randomly tapping people.
Experiment appearances: Experiment 323 (HunkaHunka), Experiment 624 (Angel), Experiment 625 (Reuben) 
108 "Stitch Does it Dangerously! Love's Strongest Rival"  (English dub title: The Return of 627)
"Sutitchi Abunaushi! Koi no Saikyou Raibaru" (スティッチ危うし!恋の最強ライバル) 
February 9, 2010 March 30, 2012
[2] Posing as a prince, Experiment 627 tries to take Angel away from Stitch. This is all the doing of Dr. Hamsterviel. However when Stitch and Angel are almost crushed by Hamsterviel's ship, 627 saves them.
Experiment appearances: Experiment 624 (Angel), Experiment 625 (Reuben), Experiment 627 (Evile) 
109 "Detective Stitch, The Search for the Masterpiece!"  (English dub title: The Blue Panther)
"Meitantei Sutitchi, Kieta Meiga o Sagase!" (名探偵スティッチ、消えた名画を探せ!) 
February 16, 2010 March 16, 2012
A gallery is opened at the hotel Piko's father manages, but a masterpiece is stolen. Stitch imitates a TV detective to find it.[2]
Kung fu Pleakley: Yaarp and Sample 
110 "Is it a Lie! Papa Has Become a Cool Guy!"  (English dub title: Pokopon)
"Uso!? Papa ga Totsuzen Ikemen ni!" (ウソ!?パパが突然イケメンに!) 
February 23, 2010 February 10, 2012

Yuna's father returns to the island, but he isn't acting himself. Stitch finds out it's a tanuki pretending to be him and tries to show Yuna the truth.[2]

Note: In the English dub, this episode was trimmed down to 11 minutes and served as the second half of Episode 8.
Kung fu Pleakley: Mr. Stenchy 
111 "Even the Villains Want to Love! / Goodbye, Pleakley"  (English dub title: A Little Hamster Love / Pleakley Loves Hollywood)
"Akuyaku datte Aisaretai! / Sayonara, Purīkurī" (悪役だって愛されたい!/さよなら、プリークリー) 
March 2, 2010 April 13, 2012
Experiment appearances: Experiment 625 (Reuben)
Kung fu Pleakley: Woody 
112 "Stitch Obtained the Power of Number One in Space!?"  (English dub title: Stitch Power)
"Sutitchi, Uchū Ichi no Chikara o Te ni Ireru!?" (スティッチ、宇宙一の力を手に入れる!?) 
March 9, 2010 NOTE: This episode was skipped in the English dub.
Hamsterviel uses Swirly to try to get Stitch to use his wish to make Hamsterviel the ruler of the universe.[3]
Experiment appearances: Experiment 383 (Swirly), Experiment 625 (Reuben), Experiment 617 (Plasmoid), Experiment 619 (Splodyhead)
Kung fu Pleakley: Babyfier 
113 "The Most Beautiful Cheater on Earth Appears!"  (English dub title: Tigerlily)
"Chikyū Saikyō no Zurui Bijō, Tōjō!" (地球最強のズルい美女、登場!) 
April 13, 2010 April 20, 2012
Yuna's mean, bullying cousin appears.[4]
Experiment appearances: Experiment 074 (Welco) 
114 "Counterattack! Zuruko's Secrets are Revealed!"  (English dub title: Nosy Meets Tigerlily)
"Gyakushū! Zuruko no Himitsu o Barase!" (逆襲!ズル子の秘密をバラせ!) 
April 20, 2010 April 27, 2012
When Nosy appears on the island Yuna attempts to use him to reveal her cousin`s cruel nature (as no one believes her). But despite her best efforts, everything keeps turning in her cousin`s favor.[4]
Experiments appearances: Experiment 199 (Nosy), Experiment 624 (Angel), Experiment 625 (Reuben) 
115 "Find It! Invite "That" to the End of the World"  (English dub title: Hämsterviel's Epic Secret)
"Sagase! Sekai no Owari o Maneku "Are"" (探せ!世界の終わりを招く“アレ”) 
April 27, 2010 May 4, 2012
Experiment appearances: Experiment 062 (Frenchfry), Experiment 110 (Squeak), Experiment 214 (Pix), Experiment 275 (Tickle-Tummy), Experiment 604 (Houdini), Experiment 625 (Reuben) 
116 "Minor, Minor Stitch's Great Adventure"  (English dub title: Shrink)
"Chiisana, Chiisana Sutitchi no Daibōken" (小さな、小さなスティッチの大冒険) 
May 4, 2010 May 11, 2012
Stitch and Yuna's cousin are shrunk by Jumba's first experiment named Shrink.[5]
Experiment appearances: Experiment 001 (Shrink) 
117 "Even Betrayed Their Friends"  (English dub title: Stitchman Meets Bonnie and Clyde)
"Uragirarete mo, Tomodachi" (裏切られても、トモダチ) 
May 11, 2010 May 18, 2012
Bonnie and Clyde show up and cause trouble.[5]
Experiment appearances: Experiment 149 (Bonnie), Experiment 150 (Clyde), Experiment 625 (Reuben) 
118 "Stitch vs. Another Stitch"  (English dub title: Wormhole)
"Sutitchi tai Mō Hitori no Sutitchi" (スティッチ vs. もうひとりのスティッチ) 
May 25, 2010 June 1, 2012
Stitch and Yuna are sucked into an alternate universe by experiment 272 and meet an evil Stitch.[5]
Experiment appearances:Experiment 272 (Wormhole, a purple and cyan catepillar like experiment) 
119 "Stitch, Going to Tokyo Disneyland!"
"Sutitchi, Tōkyō Dizunīrando ni Yuku!" (スティッチ、東京ディズニーランドに行く!) 
June 1, 2010 June 8, 2012
Stitch and his friends are going to Tokyo Disneyland, with Yuna's father, Jumba, Pleakley, and Piko (Penny).[6][7][8][9]
Experiment appearances: Experiment 625 (Reuben), Experiment 608 (Slugger), Experiment 601 (Kixx), Experiment 523 (Slushy), Experiment 214 (Pix), Experiment 288 (Boomer), Experiment 533 (Blowhard) 
120 "Stitch, the Battery will Be!?"  (English dub title: Raijin)
"Sutitchi, Denchi ni naru!?" (スティッチ、電池になる!?) 
June 8, 2010 June 15, 2012
[6] After finding out Yuna's cousin is afraid of lighting, Stitch and Yuna chase a cloud to try and capture the yokai from it. Stitch manages to fish it out, but it is chibi and not very scary. Stitch tries to scare Yuna's cousin again but fails, and so does the Yokai. So Jumbaa creates an electric energy drink using Sparky's electricity, which Stitch uses to temporarily gain electricity powers.
Experiment appearances: Experiment 221 (Sparky), Experiment 625 (Reuben) 
121 "Izayoi Island Rescue!"  (English dub title: The Return of Ploot)
"Izayoi-jima o Sukue!" (イザヨイ島を救え!/さよなら、スティッチ) 
June 29, 2010 June 22, 2012
[6] All the people were scared because of the sea was polluted. So Stitch has to defeat Ploot in order to rescue the sea.
Experiment appearances: Experiment 625 (Reuben), Experiment 505 (Ploot), Experiment 000 (Cyber) 
122 "Goodbye, Stitch"  (English dub title: Experiment Zero)
"Sayonara, Sutitchi" (さよなら、スティッチ) 
June 29, 2010 June 29, 2012
Stitch is hired by the Grand Council woman to save the universe from an evil experiment named Cyber.[6] Last episode of the "Stitch!" second season.
Experiment appearances: Experiment 625 (Reuben), Experiment 000 (Cyber) 
123 "Brother of the Universe"  (English dub title: Son of Sprout)
"Uchu Ichi no Onii-chan" (宇宙一のお兄ちゃん) 
August 8, 2010
(Disney Channel Japan)
May 25, 2012
A exclusive episode showing the guest character, Kijimunaa's sister, who looks like Kijimunaa and is pink. 

Stitch! ~Best Friends Forever~ (Season 5)[edit]

Episode # Title Original airdate First English airing
(Disney Channel Asia)
124 "New Town"  (Stitch Goes to New Town!)
"Sutitchi, Nyū Taun e ni Yuku!" (スティッチ、ニュータウンへ行く!) 
July 6, 2010 January 12, 2013
Stitch and Yuna move to Newtown because Obaa can no longer support Yuna as she is growing old and Stitch must find and purify any remaining altered experiments. While they are there they meet Reika, her friends, and Takumi. Later Stitch wants to return Yuna's handkerchief but ends up almost destroying the school which upsets Yuna. Hamsterviel puts in two coins in a large gum ball dispenser and gets two large experiment pods out and then runs in front of a screen that reveals Delia which is Hamsterviel's new partner. Delia calls Hamsterviel Hamu Sama which causes hamsterviel to say that his name is hamsterviel not Hamu Sama, which causes Delia to get annoyed and screams "there all the same to me!" Stitch later begins to leave and gets attacked by Plasmoid and Splodyhead and again destroys the school which then makes Yuna think Stitch has broken his promise and lied to her. Stitch stays away from Yuna to try catch the two altered experiments but gets captured by Gantu. Yuna feels sorry for Stitch and goes to find him at school but then gets attacked by Plasmoid and Splodyhead. Stitch then saves her and Yuna apologizes for not believing in Stitch. After hearing about Hamsterviel's failure Delia tortures him with a bomb.
Experiment appearances: Experiment 617 (Plasmoid), Experiment 619 (Splodyhead) 
125 "Yuna vs. Jessica"  (Best Friends Daisakusen!)
"Tomodachi Tsukurou Daisakusen!" (友達つくろう大作戦!) 
July 13, 2010 January 13, 2013
Yuna went to school to make new friends. Can't tell how annoying Jessica is, a girl who is in deed a rival with Yuna, she tries to make friends, but couldn't. Later, Yuna was thinking if she could make some jokes, maybe she will be Jessica's friends. She need help from Peakley, who could help her. At school, they were attack by a dancing experiment. Yuna save Jessica and the school from the disaster. Trickly, in the end, they both can't be friends.[10] Experiment appearances: Experiment 258 (Sample), Experiment 625 (Reuben) 
126 "Jessica's Birthday"  (Birthday Panic!)
"Bāsudē Panikku!" (バースデー・パニック!) 
July 20, 2010 January 19, 2013
Yuna latest attempt to befriend Jessica is trying to attend her birthday party. Jessica invites Yuna only to humiliate her and get Yuna to clean up before and after. Hamsterviel is inspired by this and outfits wrapper with the ability to trap his enemies in indestructible gift boxes.[10] Experiment appearances: Experiment 521 (Wrapper) 
127 "Dorkifier"  (Handsome Secret)
"Ikemen no Himitsu" (イケメンの秘密) 
July 27, 2010 January 20, 2013
Hiroman's team is going to be on TV, and everyone's getting excited for the event. While trying to return some things, Yuna learns the soccer captain is blackmailed by his sisters, who are Tigerlily's old friends. Meanwhile, Gantu gets the wrong experiment and Dorkifier is released on the town, stitcking people in rediclus outfits. Including Stitch, Yuna, Hiroman and Pleakly. Hiroman's so upset with his new look he doesn't want to come out.[10] Experiment appearances: Experiment 022 (Hertz Donut), Experiment 122 (Dorkifier), Experiment 625 (Reuben) 
128 "Spooky Toons"  (Scary Summer Camp)
"Kowai Samā Kyanpu" (こわ~いサマーキャンプ) 
August 3, 2010 January 26, 2013
Yuna's class heads off to camp where she volunteers to help out with the haunted trail in order to spook Jessica. She gets some extra help from Delores, Stitch, Jumba, and Pleaky in doing so. However Gantu's not too far behind with both Toons and Spooky in hopes of catching Stitch. Experiment appearances: Experiment 300 (Spooky), Experiment 112 (Toons),Experiment 047 (Lorider) Experiment 625 (Rueben) 
129 "P.J. 2.0"  (Obtain Limited Sweets)
"Gentei suītsu o te ni irero!" (限定スイーツを手に入れろ!) 
August 10, 2010 January 27, 2013
The whole Town's excited over a local limited time only dessert called fluffy rolls. However Stitch's cousin PJ is given a Stitch costume and starts framing Stitch for a verity of pranks.Experiment appearances: Experiment 133 (PJ) 
130 "Spike 2.0"  (Burn! Quiz Competition)
"Moero! Kuizu taikai" (燃えろ!クイズ大会) 
August 17, 2010 February 2, 2013
While Delia is away Hamsterviel decides to compete in a child prodigy show on Earth for the big cash prize along side Reuben and Gantu. Also competing for their school is Jessica, Yuna, and Delores. Realizing the competition is fierce, Hamsterviel decides to cheat with Spike's help.Experiment appearances: Experiment 319 (Spike) 
131 "Sprout 2.0"  (Stitch Becomes a Traitor?!)
"Sutitchi wa uragirimono?" (スティッチは裏切り者?) 
August 24, 2010 February 3, 2013
Gantu and Reuben trick the kids into going to a deserted island to find a flower said to grant wishes. Only they find Sprout, now upgraded with 627's DNA.Experiment appearances: Experiment 509 (Sprout) 
132 "Stitch's Birthday: Part 1"  (The Day Stitch was Born Part 1)
"Sutitchi ga umaretahi (zenpen)" (スティッチが生まれた日(前編)) 
August 31, 2010 April 13, 2013

Stitch and Yuna go back in time to the day Jumba built Stitch

Experiment appearances: Experiment 047 (Lorider), Experiment 199 (Nosy), Experiment 625 (Reuben) 
133 "Stitch's Birthday: Part 2"  (The Day Stitch was Born Part 2)
"Sutitchi ga umaretahi (kōhen)" (スティッチが生まれた日(後編)) 
September 7, 2010 April 20, 2013

Yuna, Stitch, and Pleakley have messed up the timeline by traveling to the past and Jumba must finish building Stitch before it is too late.

Experiment appearances Experiment 009 (Pop), Experiment 123 (Carmen), Experiment 221 (Sparky), Experiment 262 (Ace), Experiment 540 (Phoon), Experiment 625 (Reuben) 
134 "Stitch Goes to Wishlanda"  (Stitch Becomes Peter Pan)
"Sutitchi, pītā pan ni naru!" (スティッチ、ピーター・パンになる!) 
October 12, 2010 February 23, 2013
Experiment appearances: Experiment 267 (Wishy Washy) 
135 "Flute"  (Big Brother Stitch)
"Sutitchi Onii-san" (スティッチ兄さん) 
October 19, 2010 February 16, 2013
Experiment appearances: Experiment 021 (Twang), Experiment 625 (Reuben) 
136 "Witch"  (Halloween Party at the House of the Witch)
"Majo yashiki de harou~īn pātī" (魔女屋敷でハロウィーン・パーティー) 
October 26, 2010 February 3, 2013
Experiment appearances: Experiment 610 (Witch), Experiment 625 (Reuben) 
137 "Hamjock Vielvonster"  (Firing HV Attack)
"Honō no HV atakku!" (炎のHVアタック!) 
November 9, 2010 February 3, 2013
Hamsterviel disguise himself as a substitute teacher to get close to Stitch. Only problem is, he's starting to like the job.Experiment appearances: Experiment 515 (Deforestrator), Experiment 625 (Reuben) 
138 "Shogun"  (The Load was Coming!)
"O tonosama ga yattekita!" (お殿様がやってきた!) 
November 16, 2010 March 16, 2013
Yuna has to do a report on Shoguns and what they eat so she borrows Toons to bring a picture of a shogun's dinner to life, only to bring an actual Shogun to life. Not only does she have to hide him, Tigerlily falls for the shogun and Hamsterviel decided to upgrade Kixx with a katana.Experiment appearances: Experiment 112 (Toons), Experiment 601 (Kixx), Experiment 625 (Reuben) 
139 "Elastico 2.0"  (Yuna becomes a Puppy!)
"Yūna ga inu ni natta wan!" (ユウナが犬になったワン!) 
November 23, 2010 March 30, 2013
Yuna gets turned into a puppy by Elastico and Stitch must rescue her.
Experiment appearances: Experiment 345 (Elastico), Experiment 625 (Reuben) 
140 "The Petite Queen"  (She is popular!?)
"Ano ko ga ninki-sha!?" (あの子が人気者!?) 
November 30, 2010 March 23, 2013
Toriko, the tall girl of Jessica's group, signs up for a teenage beauty contest along side Jessica. Feeling crushed, she accepts Yuna's help in the event. However Hamsterviel, having bad memories about Homecoming, sends down a stronger THresher to wreck the show.Experiment appearances: Experiment 544 (Thresher), Experiment 625 (Reuben) 
141 "Reuben 2.0"  (Reclaim the Angel!)
"Enjeru o torimodose!" (エンジェルを取り戻せ!) 
December 7, 2010 May 25, 2013
Angel cheats on Stitch with Reuben.
Experiment appearances: Experiment 624 (Angel), Experiment 625 (Reuben) 
142 "A Very Stinky Christmas &""  (Protect the World's Christmas!)
"Sekai no kurisumasu o mamore!" (世界のクリスマスを守れ!) 
December 14, 2010 December 2013
Stitch plans a Christmas party and invites Yuna's father and grandmother to New Town to surprise Yuna. Meanwhile Hamsterviel gives out clones of Mr. Stenchy and Mrs. Sickly out as presents as part of an evil plot.
Experiment appearances: Experiment 254 (Mr. Stenchy), Experiment 255 (Mrs. Sickly), Experiment 625 (Reuben) 
143 "Swapper 2.0"  (The Stitch is Handsome!?)
"Sutitchi ga ikemen'ni!?" (スティッチがイケメンに!?) 
December 21, 2010 June 1, 2013
Stitch and Takami swap bodies.
Experiment appearances: Experiment 355 (Swapper), Experiment 609 (Heat), Experiment 625 (Reuben) 
144 "Experiment-A-Palooza"  (Promise to Mega-Stitch)
"Megasutitchi to no yakusoku" (メガスティッチとの約束) 
January 11, 2011 June 8, 2013

Stitch sabotaged to important ready-made Yuna. Repent and see another important one breaking "Yuna and short finger and promise. However, whatever old's has returned to the savage aliens because of the aliens appearance to reconstitute "retro" stitch on core! In addition, behemoth in the power of another alien stitch rampaging on instinct. At this destroyed city is screwed up! "Stitch, I promise to remember! "Or the voice of Yuna to appeal desperately to reach stitch in mind!

Experiment appearances: Experiment 001 (Shrink), Experiment 110 (Squeak), Experiment 177 (Clip), Experiment 204 (Nosox), Experiment 210 (Retro) 
145 "Stitch Ahoy!"  (Protect the Gorgeous Cruise Ship!)
"Háohuá kèchuánwo shǒure!" (豪華客船を守れ!) 
January 18, 2011 June 15, 2013

Reuben pretends to be Angel and invites Stitch and friends onto a cruise ship where Hämsterviel plans to throw Stitch overboard so he can catch him without resistance.

Experiment appearances: Experiment 523 (Slushy), Experiment 602 (Sinker), Experiment 624 (Angel) costume, Experiment 625 (Reuben) 
146 "Lilo"  (Reunion with Lilo)
"Riro to saikai suru hi" (リロと再会する日) 
January 25, 2011 June 22, 2013

Lilo who is now a fully grown adult and has a daughter who looks identical to her, visits Okinawa. Initially not wanting to see Stitch as he left after she couldn't visit from college because of her sister being pregnant, it takes her daughter to reunite her with Stitch. They have a happy reunion after being apart for so long.

Experiment appearances: Experiment 316 (Morpholomew) 
147 "Toddler-fier"  (Fight! Chibi Child Army!)
"Tatakae! Chibi-kko gundan!" (戦え!ちびっ子軍団!) 
February 1, 2011 September 8, 2013

Hämsterviel sends Babyfier to turn Stitch and friends into children so Stitch would be easier to catch.

Experiment appearances: Experiment 151 (Babyfier) 
148 "Chocolate Stitch"  (Stitch, Chocolate to Be)
"Sutitchi, choko ni naru" (スティッチ、チョコになる) 
February 8, 2011 September 1, 2013[11]

It's Valentine's day and everyone goes to a chocolate factory where Angel is performing. After the concert, they all go and make personalized chocolate valentines, but Hämsterviel is scheming to use Fudgy.

Experiment appearances: Experiment 054 (Fudgy), Experiment 624 (Angel) 
149 "Stitch's Dreams"  (Going! To Stitch Dream)
"Ikuzo! Sutitchi no yume no nakahe" (行くぞ!スティッチの夢の中へ) 
February 15, 2011 September 22, 2013

It's Yuna's birthday, but she thinks everyone has forgotten...even Stitch! While preparing Yuna's surprise party, Stitch falls asleep and Hämsterviel sends Remmy to trap him in his own dreams, causing Stitch to fall ill.

Experiment appearances: Experiment 276 (Remmy), Experiment 624 (Angel) 
150 "King Meega"  (I want to be King!)
"Ōsama ni naritai!" (王様になりたい!) 
February 22, 2011 October 6, 2013

Checkers escapes Hämsterviel and runs amok at Yuna's school, causing the students to fight for the power to control everyone.

Experiment appearances: Experiment 029 (Checkers) 
151 "Boss"  (Stitch Appeared!)
"Sutitchi oyabun, tōjō!" (スティッチ親分、登場!) 
March 1, 2011 October 13, 2013

Hämsterviel alters Dupe so each duplicate made is stronger than the last. Stitch decides to use Dupe so that he can get out of his chores and trouble ensues.

Experiment appearances: Experiment 344 (Dupe) 
152 "Dark-End"  (The Greatest Crisis Ever! Stitch, Stand up)
"Shijō saidai no pinchi! Tachiagare Sutitchi" (史上最大のピンチ!立ちあがれスティッチ) 
March 8, 2011 October 20, 2013

Deila finishes making a new experiment who is stronger than Stitch named "Dark End". Dark End and Stitch battle, leaving Stitch unconscious.

Experiment appearances: Experiment 110 (Squeak), Experiment 133 (PJ), Experiment 151 (Babyfier), Experiment 262 (Ace), Experiment 316 (Morpholomew), Experiment 319 (Spike), Experiment 345 (Elastico), Experiment 619 (Splodyhead), Experiment 624 (Angel), Experiment 625 (Reuben) 
153 "Ace's Back"  (Heroes are Hard)
"Hīrō wa tsurai yo" (ヒーローはつらいよ) 
June 19, 2011[12]
(Disney Channel Japan)
September 29, 2013

Ace appears to save the day and Stitch decides to help him.

Experiment appearances: Experiment 262 (Ace) 

TV Special[edit]

Episode # Title Original airdate First English airing
154 "Stitch and the Planet of Sand"   June 16, 2012 [13]
(Disney Channel Japan)
To confront a planetary war at the sand planet of Katūna, Stitch must leave Yūna and Earth behind. 

Continuity Notes[edit]

Both the original air dates and production numbers do not reflect the actual continuity of the series. Many continuity errors, including many events involving the location and availability of certain experiments, take place later in the series:

  • "Cannonball" takes place before "Poxy", because the X-Buggy is used in "Poxy" but is unveiled as a new creation by Jumba in "Cannonball".
  • "Heckler" takes place before "Poxy", because Gantu tells Hamstervile that he "finally caught an experiment," indicating that this was his first capture, but Hamstervile ordered him set free. In "Poxy," Ruben tells Gantu in the end that he "finally caught an experiment," indicating "Poxy" was the first experiment he caught and would turn over to Hamstervile.
  • "Slushy" takes place before "Angel", because Slushy is seen working at the shaved ice stand in "Angel" but is not activated and rehabilitated until "Slushy".
  • "Finder" takes place before "Yapper", because Mertle says she has never had a pet in "Finder", but receives Gigi sometime before "Yapper".
  • "Elastico" takes place before "Sprout", because the pineapple water tower, bisected and used by Stitch to contain Sprout, is seen intact not far from the setup of circus tents in "Elastico".
  • "Drowsy" takes place before "Amnesio", because Nosox was already activated and caught by Gantu in "Amnesio" but is still in pod form in "Drowsy".
  • "Snafu" (the final episode) takes place before "Spike" because Fibber and Nosy appear in "Spike", Fibber is among the rescued experiments from Gantu's ship in "Snafu" and Nosy escaped from Gantu's ship (in the episode "Glitch/Woops") just before "Snafu". The same is true for the other rescued experiments seen in "The Asteroid".
  • "Shoe" immediately precedes "Spats" since in "Shoe", Jumba and Pleakley's B&B is being made, and then being used by the Proud Family in "Spats".

Several episodes take place near or on holidays and special events:

  • "Spooky": Halloween (October 31).
  • "Topper": Christmas Eve (December 24).
  • "Holio": Mertle's birthday.
  • "Amnesio": Lilo's birthday.
  • "Houdini": Mertle's "half-birthday" party (likely 6 months after her real birthday).
  • "Hunkahunka": Valentines Day (February 14).
  • "627": December. Pleakley made a second Thanksgiving feast because he thought it was once a month instead of once a year.
  • "Nosy": Summer.
  • "Checkers": The Merrie Monarch Festival (traditionally starting on Easter Sunday).
  • "PJ": April Fools Day (April 1)
  • "Remmy": The anniversary of the death of Lilo's parents.
  • "Ploot": Earth Day (April 22).


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