List of Parliamentary constituencies in Mid Glamorgan

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The Preserved county of Mid Glamorgan is divided into 6 Parliamentary constituencies, one of which is shared with Gwent. The current boundaries have been effective since the Welsh Assembly election, 2007 and the 2010 United Kingdom general election.[1]

Name 1997 to 2010 From 2010
  1. Bridgend CC *
  2. Cynon Valley CC
  3. Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney CC (part)
  4. Ogmore CC *
  5. Pontypridd CC *
  6. Rhondda CC
  7. Vale of Glamorgan CC (small part)

* pre-2010 currently partly lying in South Glamorgan
(in the case of Ogmore the part was too small to show)

Parliamentary constituencies in Mid Glamorgan
Proposed Revision

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For the other parts of constituencies lying partially is Mid Glamorgan:


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