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For the list of guests that have appeared on the show, see List of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart guests.

This is the list of episodes for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, airing since Jon's debut on Monday, January 11, 1999.[1][2][3][4]





Date Guest Promotion
August 4 Elisabeth Moss The One I Love
Numerous global crises emerge during summer vacation, Jessica Williams and Jason Jones report on the Hobby Lobby case, and Dahlia Lithwick discusses the Supreme Court.
August 5 Helen Thorpe Soldier Girls: The Battles of Three Women at Home and at War
Jessica Williams does some dubious reporting, Michael Che reports on a very particular sort of brand-name loyalty, and Helen Thorpe discusses her book "Soldier Girls."
August 6 Wu-Tang Clan A Better Tomorrow
Republicans battle it out in the Kansas and Kentucky primaries, Jordan Klepper shows off his rap skills, and Wu-Tang Clan performs "Ron O'Neal" and "Triumph."
August 7 Tracy Droz Tragos Rich Hill
Former Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife face corruption charges, Rand Paul begins to act like a presidential candidate, and Tracy Droz Tragos discusses "Rich Hill."
August 26 David L. Rose Enchanted Objects: Design, Human Desire, and the Internet of Things
A police officer shoots an unarmed black teenager in Missouri, Michael Che flees Earth to avoid discrimination, and David Rose discusses his book "Enchanted Objects."
August 27 Hassan Abbas
August 28 Todd Glass


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