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This is a list of Yes Minister and Yes, Prime Minister episodes.

Thirty-eight episodes were made in total, running from 1980 to 1988. This includes a one-hour special that aired in 1984. All other episodes were a half-hour in length. The dates listed are when a particular episode was first transmitted on the BBC.

Yes Minister[edit]

Series One (1980)[edit]

# Title Broadcast Synopsis
1 "Open Government" 25 February 1980 The new Minister's idealistic commitment to open the windows of his department faces its first hurdle: Sir Humphrey and the Civil Service.
2 "The Official Visit" 3 March 1980 Jim Hacker welcomes the visit of the new President of Buranda, an old university chum who has his own agenda.
3 "The Economy Drive" 10 March 1980 Hacker plans to slim down the civil service — but Sir Humphrey forces him to set a personal example.
4 "Big Brother" 17 March 1980 Sir Humphrey drags his feet over a new National Integrated Database.
5 "The Writing on the Wall" 24 March 1980 The threat of the abolition of the DAA forces Hacker and Sir Humphrey to work together.
6 "The Right to Know" 31 March 1980 A threatened badger colony demonstrates that Sir Humphrey must be selective in what he tells his Minister.
7 "Jobs for the Boys" 7 April 1980 Hacker is kept in the dark over a doomed building project, and discovers that it takes two to quango.

Series Two (1981)[edit]

# Title Broadcast Synopsis
1 "The Compassionate Society" 23 February 1981 Hacker is concerned about a brand new, fully staffed hospital that has no patients. He learns, however, just how powerful the unions are.
2 "Doing the Honours" 2 March 1981 Hacker plans to withhold honours for civil servants who do not reduce their budgets.
3 "The Death List" 9 March 1981 The Minister is forced to re-appraise his views on bugging and phone tapping after a death threat.
4 "The Greasy Pole" 16 March 1981 Plans for a new chemical factory hinge on the outcome of a so-called "independent" report.
5 "The Devil You Know" 23 March 1981 A Cabinet reshuffle coincides with a vacancy in Brussels. Hacker wonders whom the PM has in mind to fill it.
6 "The Quality of Life" 30 March 1981 Hacker vows to keep open a city farm that Sir Humphrey has enabled to be bulldozed to make way for a car park for inland revenue inspectors.
7 "A Question of Loyalty" 6 April 1981 Hacker and Sir Humphrey are tested by a Select Committee on their commitment to ridding wasted government expenditure.

Series Three (1982)[edit]

# Title Broadcast Synopsis
1 "Equal Opportunities" 11 November 1982 Sir Humphrey doesn't see eye to eye with the Minister's plan for sexual equality.
2 "The Challenge" 18 November 1982 Fallout shelters upset Hacker's crusade to make local authorities responsible for their expenditure.
3 "The Skeleton in the Cupboard" 25 November 1982 Details of a 1950s defence contract are about to be made public — and Sir Humphrey seems unaccountably nervous.
4 "The Moral Dimension" 2 December 1982 After signing a huge export order in Qumran, Hacker is upset to discover it was obtained through bribery.
5 "The Bed of Nails" 9 December 1982 Hacker is made Transport Supremo — and soon wonders if it is a title worth having.
6 "The Whisky Priest" 16 December 1982 Hacker faces a moral dilemma when he learns that British bombs are ending up in the hands of Italian terrorists.
7 "The Middle-Class Rip-Off" 23 December 1982 Sir Humphrey is incensed that Hacker plans to subsidise his local football club.

Christmas Sketch (1982)[edit]

A two-minute Christmas-themed sketch, featuring only Eddington, Hawthorne and Fowlds, was aired on BBC One as part of a Christmas special entitled The Funny Side of Christmas.

# Title Broadcast Synopsis
- Untitled 27 December 1982 Sir Humphrey has a special end-of-year message for the Minister, delivered – even for him – in an especially circumlocutory style. His message was later transcribed and printed in The Utterly Utterly Merry Comic Relief Christmas Book.

Christmas special (1984)[edit]

# Title Broadcast Synopsis
"Party Games" 17 December 1984 The unexpected resignation of the PM prompts a race for the succession, and, as Party Chairman, Hacker is in a key position — and the Civil Service, now headed by Sir Humphrey, has its own agenda. (Special one-hour-long episode.)

Yes, Prime Minister[edit]

Series One (1986)[edit]

# Title Broadcast Synopsis
1 "The Grand Design" 9 January 1986 With his finger now on the nuclear button, Hacker plans his first act as Prime Minister to be a radical new defence policy.
2 "The Ministerial Broadcast" 16 January 1986 Hacker is groomed for his first television broadcast as PM, but Sir Humphrey is more concerned with the content.
3 "The Smoke Screen" 23 January 1986 Hacker uses his Health Minister's plan to eliminate smoking as a bluff against the Treasury.
4 "The Key" 30 January 1986 The PM decides to clip Sir Humphrey's wings when he engages in a territorial battle with Hacker's political advisor.
5 "A Real Partnership" 6 February 1986 Sir Humphrey has to get through a civil service pay claim while at the same time discrediting its proposer.
6 "A Victory for Democracy" 13 February 1986 Hacker has difficulty discovering if the Foreign Office is there to carry out government policy or vice versa.
7 "The Bishop's Gambit" 20 February 1986 A troubled British nurse in Qumran and a vacant bishopric combine to provide an opportunity for Sir Humphrey.
8 "One of Us" 27 February 1986 The former head of MI5 is revealed to be a spy (despite Sir Humphrey clearing him), while a dog strays on to Salisbury Plain.

Series Two (1987–88)[edit]

# Title Broadcast Synopsis
1 "Man Overboard" 3 December 1987 Sir Humphrey fights the Employment Secretary's plan to relocate service personnel by casting doubt over the Minister's loyalty.
2 "Official Secrets" 10 December 1987 Hacker attempts to suppress an unflattering chapter of his predecessor's memoirs that has been leaked to the press.
3 "A Diplomatic Incident" 17 December 1987 The death of Hacker's predecessor provides a chance for some negotiations with the French over the Channel Tunnel at his state funeral.
4 "A Conflict of Interest" 23 December 1987 [1] Hacker can avoid a City scandal if he appoints a Bank of England Governor whose honesty isn't beyond reproach.
5 "Power to the People" 7 January 1988 Sir Humphrey and the leader of Houndsworth Council become strange bedfellows when Hacker tries to reform local government.
6 "The Patron of the Arts" 14 January 1988 Hacker's invitation to the British Theatre Awards dinner becomes a hot potato when the size of the Arts Council grant is revealed.
7 "The National Education Service" 21 January 1988 When the Department of Education and Science stands in the way of reform, Hacker decides to abolish it.
8 "The Tangled Web" 28 January 1988 When Hacker unwittingly lies to the House of Commons he is helped by Sir Humphrey's unfortunate indiscretion.

Yes, Prime Minister (2013 revived series)[edit]

Series One (2013)[edit]


# Title Broadcast Synopsis
1 "Crisis at the Summit" 15 January 2013 Jim Hacker's premiership is falling apart when a saviour appears - Kumranistan!
2 "The Poisoned Chalice" 22 January 2013 Jim holds a dinner to welcome the Kumranistan Foreign Secretary.
3 "Gentlemen's Agreement" 29 January 2013 Humphrey's pro-Euro scheme has been stymied. But then some expenses claims are revealed.
4 "A Diplomatic Dilemma" 5 February 2013 Desperate to secure the Kumranistan loan agreement, Jim must provide some unusual sexual arrangements.
5 "Scot Free" 12 February 2013 Another crisis looms for Jim Hacker when a coalition partner threatens to jump ship.
6 "A Tsar Is Born" 19 February 2013 Jim's efforts to appease the Kumranistan Foreign Secretary have failed. But then, Sir Humphrey has a plan.


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