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Memorial Stadium
Oriole Park at Camden Yards

This is a list of venues used for professional baseball in Baltimore, Maryland. The information is a synthesis of the information contained in the references listed.

Madison Avenue Grounds
Occupant: non-league clubs prior to 1873; Maryland - NA (1873); Baltimore - Union Association (1 game)
Location: Madison Avenue (southwest, home base); Boundary Avenue (later North Avenue) (north, beyond third base / left field); Linden Avenue (northeast, center field); old road approximating Robert Street (southeast, right field)
Currently: Residential, churches
Newington Park
Occupants: Lord Baltimore - National Association (1872-1874); Baltimore Orioles - American Association (1882)
Location: Pennsylvania Avenue (northeast); Gold Street (southeast); Calhoun Street (southwest); Baker Street (northwest) - a few blocks west-southwest of the Madison Street ballpark - diamond position unknown
Currently: Residential, school, church
Oriole Park (I)
Occupant: Baltimore Orioles AA (1883-1889)
Location: Sixth Street / Huntington Avenue (later 25th Street) (north, right field); York Road (later Greenmount Avenue) (east, first base); Barclay Street (west, right field); eventual 24th Street (south, left field)
Currently: Residential, commercial
Belair Lot
Occupant: Baltimore UA (1884)
Location: Forrest Street (northeast); Low Street (southeast); Orleans Street (south); Gay Street (northwest) - across from Belair Market
Currently: Commercial buildings, vacant lots
Oriole Park (II)
Occupant: Baltimore Orioles - AA (1890-mid-1891)
Location: 10th Street (later 29th); York Road (later Greenmount); 9th Street (later 28th); Barclay Street - three blocks north of previous site - diamond orientation unknown
Currently: Residential, commercial
Union Park a.k.a. Oriole Park (III)
Occupant: Baltimore Orioles AA (mid-1891) and NL (1892-1899)
Location: 25th Street (north, home plate / third base); Barclay Street (east, left field); approximate line of Hunter Street (west, first base); approximate line of 23rd Street (south, right field) - just west of 1883-1889 site
Currently: Residential, commercial
Oriole Park (IV)
Occupants: Baltimore Orioles - American League (1901-1902); Baltimore Orioles - Eastern/International League (1903-1915)
Location: Same as 1890-1891 site - 10th Street (later 29th) (north, home plate); York Road (later Greenmount) (east, third base); 9th Street (later 28th) (south, center field); Barclay (west, first base)
Currently: Residential, commercial
Terrapin Park / Oriole Park V
Occupants: Baltimore Terrapins - Federal League (1914-1915); Baltimore Orioles - IL (1916-mid-1944)
Location: 10th Street (later 29th) (south, first base); York Road (later Greenmount) (east, right field); 11th Street (later 30th) (north, left field); Vineyard Lane (northwest, third base) - just across the street to the north from previous Oriole Park; Barclay now cuts through the property.
Currently: Commercial businesses
Bugle Field
Occupants: Baltimore Black Sox - Negro Leagues (1932-1934); Baltimore Elite Giants - Negro Leagues (1938-1949)
Location: Federal Street (north); Edison Highway (west); railroad tracks (northeast)
Currently: Mars Super Market and its distribution center
Memorial Stadium
Occupants: Baltimore Orioles - IL (mid-1944-1953); Baltimore Orioles - American League (1954-1991); Bowie Baysox, Eastern League (1993)
Location: 33rd Street (south, home plate); Ellerslie Avenue (west, third base); 36th Street (north, center field); Ednor Road (east, first base)
Currently: Public park amidst commercial and residential development.
Oriole Park at Camden Yards
Occupant: Baltimore Orioles - AL (1992-present)
Location: 333 West Camden Street - Camden Street (north, left field); Eutaw Street (east, right field); Briscoe and Houser Streets (south, first base); Conway Street (west, third base)

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