List of music schools in the United Kingdom

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The front facade of the Royal College of Music

This list of music schools in the United Kingdom includes all tertiary level conservatoires, vocational music schools and specialist music schools for school-aged children.


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2014 |- |Army School of Bagpipe Music and Highland Drumming |Edinburgh |align="center"| |align="center"|1910 |- |Aberdeen City Music School, Dyce Academy |Aberdeen |align="center"| |align="center"| |- |City of Edinburgh Music School |Edinburgh |align="center"| |align="center"|1980 |- |Douglas Academy |Milngavie, Glasgow |align="center"|S1-6 |align="center"| |- |North East of Scotland Music School |Aberdeen |align="center"| |align="center"|1975 |- |Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama |Glasgow |align="center"|Tertiary |align="center"|1845 |- |St Mary's Music School |Edinburgh |align="center"|9-19 |align="center"|1880 |}

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