Little Fighter

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Little Fighter
Little Fighter Title Screen.png
Title screen of Little Fighter.
Developer(s) Marti Wong
Designer(s) Marti Wong
Engine DOS
Platform(s) DOS
Release date(s) 1995
Genre(s) beat 'em up

Little Fighter is a single or multiplayer beat 'em up game designed and developed by Marti Wong. It was released in 1995. Little Fighter is one of Marti Wong's first game written in C.[1]

Game play[edit]

In this game, players can choose to be one of 11 characters. Each character has 3 special moves. Players participate in a battle in three different mode. The game allows for one on one match, team matches or elimination tournament matches. There is up to 8 fighters simultaneously on screen controlled by up to 3 human players. Playing with joystick option is also available which makes this game more exciting.[2]

Game Modes Menu[edit]

There are 3 different game modes:[3][4]

Free For All (FFA)[edit]

In FFA, players can choose how many players you wants; only up to 2-8 players. Then player chooses a character in the character selection screen. Then, they will be place in stage to fight. Players fight until one remains.

Team Play[edit]

In Team Play mode, players can pick their team in the character selection to battle. After character selection, players will be placed in a stage to battle.

Battle Mode[edit]

In Battle Mode, players can choose how many human player they can have. It is an elimination style game.

Character Selection[edit]

In the character selection, human players choose to be one of the 11 character. After the entire human player has chosen, players can then select computer player to battle.[5]


All character has 3 special moves. There are 11 playable characters in the game:

  • Davis: One of the two Dragon Warrior. The other is Dennis. Davis is a young and a gifted warrior. He can barrage his enemies with fast and powerful punches.[6]
Special Moves:
  • Dennis: One of the two Dragon Warrior. Davis is the other Dragon Warrior. Dennis is a fast-paced fighter. Similar to Davis, he has some similar skills. His single hits are not strong. However, he is capable of doing a lot of combo with his skills.[7]
Special Moves:
Spin Kick
  • Deep: He is a long time famous swordsman. He uses his sword to deliver a wave of painful strikes, especially combined with all of his special moves. Deep lacks speed but, his strength makes up for it.[8]
Special Moves:
  • Firen: He is known as an Arsonist. Rumour says that his art of fire symbolizes insanity. Firen uses fire spells to defeat his enemies. When his enemies are hit with his fire spells, they will be ignited and anyone who comes in contact will also be ignited.[9]
Special Moves:
  • Freeze: The Man of Ice is his nickname. No one really knows what his real name is. He uses ice spell and if enemies are hit, they will freeze, rendering any movement.[10]
Special Moves:
  • Henry: There was a rumour that Henry has hunted 100 lives of men. He excels at long-range combat. He is capable of sniping foes from afar.[11]
Special Moves:
  • John: John is a legendary magician; a genius in magic. His basic attack are not very good but his spells are powerful. John can use his spell to heal, protect or attack.[12]
Special Moves:
  • Julian: He is known as a champion. Julian devours and absorb the spirit of the dead to increase his powers.[13]
Special Moves
Julian - Ball
Julian - Grab
Julian - Explosion
  • Louis: He wears enchanted armour that protects him from danger. Louis is also a martial art master. One of Louis speciality is that he can jump higher than all of the other characters.[14]
Special Moves:
Air Punch
Air Kick
  • Rudolf: Rudolf is a mysterious person; almost no one knows about him. He is the descendant of a samurai who also practice the arts of ninja. Rudolf is both a samurai and ninja and he uses his twin katana to fight.[15]
Special Moves:
  • Woody: He is the rival of the dragon warriors. Woody practices in the ancient arts of Tiger. His abilities are on par with both Davis and Dennis. His moves are quick and powerful.[16]
Special Moves:


Input the commands to activate the cheats:[17]

F1 = Unlocks Julian

F1 + '0' = Changes the background

F1 + '[' = Full HP for player 1

F1 + ']' = Full HP for player 2

F1 + '-' = Drops random weapons

F1 + '=' = Deletes weapon

F2 + 'Character Number' = Controls the character corresponding to the number

F10 = Ends the battle


Little Fighter 2 is the sequel to Little Fighter. It was created by Marti Wong and Starsky Wong in 1999. After the release, it had several updates.[18] In 2005, Marti Wong collaborated with Oscar Chu, to release the MMO sequel Little Fighter Online.


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