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Live in Texas
Live album and Video by Linkin Park
Released November 18, 2003
Recorded August 2, 2003 at Reliant Stadium (Houston, Texas), August 3, 2003 at Texas Stadium (Irving, Texas)
Genre Nu metal, rap metal, alternative metal
Length 70:58 (DVD)
41:40 (CD)
Label Warner Reprise Video, Warner Bros. Records, Machine Shop Recordings
Producer Matt Caltabiano, Josh Abraham, David May
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Live in Texas
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Live in Texas
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Live in Texas is the first live album and third DVD of American rock band Linkin Park, originally released on November 18, 2003. The band's main setlist includes songs from their studio albums Hybrid Theory and Meteora, as well as one song from their remix album Reanimation. The album managed to peak at #23 at the Billboard 200, and it has sold 1.1 million copies in the United States.[1] The audio version of the concert includes 12 out of the 17 tracks. At the end of "A Place For My Head", Chester breaks Brad's guitar. At the end of the concert, Mr. Hahn threw a piece of his equipment on the stage floor.


The DVD comes with a bonus CD that features twelve of the songs from the DVD. The other five live tracks can be found on the Linkin Park Underground V3.0 CD. The audio on the CD is mixed differently from the audio on the DVD. The DVD/CD comes in two versions: a CD case and, although harder to find, a DVD case. Live in Texas awarded Gold in 2003 by RIAA, only 29 days after the release of album and Platinum in 2007.

The concert footage was shot on August 2 and August 3 during the Summer Sanitarium Tour 2003 at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas and Texas Stadium in Irving, Texas.

The video footage is made up of the audio from the Dallas show and video from both the Houston and Dallas shows; because of this the band had to wear the same clothes on two shows, although there are still noticeable differences. For example, it can be seen that Mike Shinoda wears two similar but different shirts, Brad Delson's guitar sometimes changes multiple times in the middle of songs from a red PRS to a black Ibanez, despite there being no break in the guitar, Dave Farrell's basses change a few times as well in the middle of songs, as well as lead singer Chester Bennington's shirt soaked with sweat, and it being completely dry the next time he is shown on screen.

Lars Ulrich also makes a quick, surprise appearance during LP's set dressed up as a Hulk-fisted bunny man during "From the Inside".[2]

In some Asian countries, the package was released with a VCD instead of a DVD. The VCD contains identical content.

The audio versions of "From the Inside" and "Runaway" was released as the b-sides of the "From the Inside" single. When "Lying from You" was released as a single, the footage from Live in Texas has been used as the song's music video with the studio version dubbed over.[3]


The live performances of "Points of Authority" and "Lying from You" are available for purchase on iTunes for $2.29 each.


Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2.5/5 stars [4]
Imperiumi 6/10 stars[5]

Johnny Loftus of Allmusic gave the album a mixed review, saying "their cool professionalism makes Live in Texas sound somewhat sterile", as well as saying the band "seems lost inside its own sound". Nevertheless, he also says that the album "will likely serve as a [the fans'] memento of the tour".[4]

Track listing[edit]


All songs written and composed by Linkin Park, except "Runaway", written by Linkin Park and Mark Wakefield, "A Place For My Head", written by Linkin Park, Mark Wakefield and Dave Farrell and "With You", written by Linkin Park and The Dust Brothers

No. Title Length
1. "Somewhere I Belong"   3:37
2. "Lying from You"   3:07
3. "Papercut"   3:06
4. "Points of Authority"   3:25
5. "Runaway"   3:06
6. "Faint"   2:47
7. "From the Inside"   3:00
8. "P5hng Me A*wy"   5:05
9. "Numb"   3:06
10. "Crawling"   3:33
11. "In the End"   3:31
12. "One Step Closer" (contains verses from "1stp Klosr") 4:13
Total length:
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  1. "Don't Stay"
  2. "Somewhere I Belong"
  3. "Lying from You"
  4. "Papercut"
  5. "Points of Authority"
  6. "Runaway"
  7. "Faint"
  8. "From the Inside"
  9. "Figure.09"
  10. "With You"
  11. "By Myself"
  12. "P5hng Me A*wy"
  13. "Numb"
  14. "Crawling"
  15. "In the End"
  16. "A Place for My Head"
  17. "One Step Closer" (contains verses from "1stp Klosr")



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