Ljubomir Ljubojević

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Ljubomir Ljubojević
Ljubojević in 2010
Full name Љубомир Љубојевић
Country Serbia
Born (1950-11-02) 2 November 1950 (age 64)
Titovo Užice, Yugoslavia
Title Grandmaster
FIDE rating 2571 (May 2015)
Peak rating 2645 (January 1983)

Ljubomir Ljubojević (Serbian Cyrillic: Љубомир Љубојевић) is a Serbian Grandmaster of chess.

Life and career[edit]

Ljubojević was born on 2 November 1950 in Titovo Užice, Yugoslavia (now Užice, Serbia).[1] He was awarded the International Master (IM) title in 1970 and the Grandmaster (GM) title in 1971.[1] Ljubojević was Yugoslav champion in 1977 (jointly) and 1982. He won the 1974 Canadian Open Chess Championship. In 1983 he was ranked third in the Elo rating list,[2] but he never succeeded in reaching the Candidates Tournament stage of the World Championship.

He played for Yugoslavia in twelve Chess Olympiads, nine times on top board, with an overall result of 63.5% (+66 −22 =75). He won an individual gold medal on third board at Skopje 1972 and three bronze medals (one individual and two team).[3]

Ljubojević tied for first place with Robert Hübner at Linares 1985.[4] He has defeated almost every top Grandmaster active during his career, including world champions Garry Kasparov,[5] Anatoly Karpov,[6][7][8] and Viswanathan Anand.[9] He plays for Serbia, but is currently living in Spain.

Tournament victories[edit]

Notable games[edit]


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