London Film Critics' Circle Award for British Supporting Actor of the Year

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The London Film Critics Circle Award for British Supporting Actor of the Year in an annual award given by the London Film Critics Circle.



Year Winner Film Role
1997 Rupert Everett My Best Friend's Wedding George Downes
1998 Nigel Hawthorne The Object of My Affection Rodney Fraser
1999 Michael Caine Little Voice Ray Say


Year Winner Film Role
2000 Albert Finney Erin Brockovich Edward L. Masry
2001 Paul Bettany A Knight's Tale Geoffrey Chaucer
2002 Kenneth Branagh Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Gilderoy Lockhart
2003 Bill Nighy Love Actually Billy Mack
2004 Phil Davis Vera Drake Stanley Drake
2005 Tom Hollander Pride & Prejudice Mr William Collins
2006 Michael Caine The Prestige John Cutter
2007 Tom Wilkinson Michael Clayton Arthur Edens
2008 Eddie Marsan Happy-Go-Lucky Scott
2009 Michael Fassbender Fish Tank Connor O'Reily


Year Winner Film Role
2010 Andrew Garfield The Social Network Eduardo Saverin