Long Beach Boulevard

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Long Beach Boulevard is a north south thoroughfare in Los Angeles County.


Long Beach Boulevard starts off as a continuation of Pacific Boulevard south of Cudahy Street in Walnut Park. Long Beach Boulevard passes through South Gate, Lynwood, Compton and Long Beach. It ends at Ocean Boulevard in Long Beach. The City of Long Beach renamed the road from American Avenue in the 1970s.

In the 1970s, Long Beach Boulevard was lined with gay, lesbian, and transvestite bars. Sailors from the local Long Beach Naval Shipyard and Naval Station would enjoy all the bar activity. "Closeted" sailors had to be careful of military police "Witch Hunts," where Shore Patrol (SP) would venture into the bars and pull sailors from the bar and into paddy waggons.

It crosses intersection with State Route 42 (Firestone Boulevard), Interstate 105 (Century Freeway), State Route 91 (Artesia Freeway), Interstate 710 (Long Beach Freeway), Interstate 405 (San Diego Freeway), and State Route 1 (Pacific Coast Highway).


Bus service north of Artesia Boulevard is served by Metro Local line 60 and Metro Rapid line 760. Service between Artesia Boulevard and the Long Beach Transit Mall is served by Long Beach Transit line 51. Metro line 60 replaces Long Beach line 51 during early mornings and late evenings. The Metro Green Line serves a station underneath Interstate 105. The Metro Blue Line falls in the middle of the boulevard between Willow and 1st Streets in Long Beach, serving the Willow, PCH, Anaheim, 5th Street, and 1st Street stations.