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For those of a similar name, see Lou Gordon (disambiguation) and Lewis Gordon (disambiguation).
Louis Gordon
Born 1965
Origin Manchester
Genres synthpop, electronic
Instruments keyboards
Years active 1973 — present
Labels Metamatic Records
Associated acts John Foxx
Gordon & Gunn
Website metamatic.com

Louis Gordon (born 1965) is an English musician notable for his collaboration with John Foxx. He has worked with Foxx on a number of albums since 1995. His solo work has also been released on the Toffeetones record label.[1]


Foxx had met Louis Gordon after watching one of his concerts. The concert was at Berrington Hall, near Shrewsbury and was in aid of Louis' birthday (in January 1995). Gordon was said to be "blown away" by their meeting. He was later contacted by Foxx, who asked about making a record together. Their first recording was made in Manchester.[2] Gordon began playing the drums as a child, later progressing to bass guitar and guitar. He now predominantly plays keyboards and guitar doing one man shows with guest appearances by friends from the music industry often featuring . Louis started out busking all over the country before settling in Shrewsbury for a while, his live shows started at about tea time and carried on until he could go no more or the landlord pulled the plug . At the ATP festival in Kent Louis had his bottle of Absolute Vodka nicked by Sean Lennon and this traumatic experience led to Louis and his friend Alex taking Sean to the pub down the road where they dumped him to the mercy of hoards of nerdy trainspotters . Instant Karma would hit them the next day when Radio 1 asked for some cd's and Lou realised that in all these years he had never made an album and so couldn't produce any product that might have got decent exposure. So the idea of making one was born and that summer closed gone fishing was made . Lou is now on the Toffeetones label as they treat him nice and don't expect much in return ...[2]



  • Louis Gordon – The Man With No Fame (Self-Released 2004)
  • Louis Gordon - Closed Gone Fishing (Self-Released 2005)[3]


  • Louis Gordon – Tell Your Mum I Saved Your Life (Self-Released 2006)
  • Louis Gordon - Deep Electric Blue (Black Spot 2006)[3]
  • Louis Gordon - Goodbye Walnut Road (Northern Star 2007) [4]
  • Louis Gordon - Blind Anorexic (Toffeetones 2008) [5]
  • Louis Gordon – E.S.T. (Electric Shock Treatment) (Toffeetones 2009)
  • Louis Gordon - The Motion Picture Event of the Year (Toffeetones 2009)[6]

John Foxx & Louis Gordon[edit]

Gordon & Gunn[edit]

  • Gordon & Gunn - The Shortwave Sessions [1]


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