Louisiana gubernatorial election, 1908

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The Louisiana gubernatorial election of 1908 was held on April 21, 1908. Like most Southern states between Reconstruction and the civil rights era, Louisiana's Republican Party was virtually nonexistent in terms of electoral support. This meant that the Democratic Party primary held on January 28 was the real contest over who would be governor. This election marked the first time Louisiana used primaries to nominated party nominees. The election resulted in the election of Democrat Jared Y. Sanders, Sr. as governor of Louisiana.


Democratic Party Primary, January 28[1]

Candidate Votes received Percent
Jared Y. Sanders, Sr. 60,176 56.29%
Theodore S. Wilkinson 46,729 43.71%

General Election, April 16[1]

Party Candidate Votes received Percent
Democratic Jared Y. Sanders, Sr. 60,066 87.14%
Republican Henry N. Pharr 7,617 11.05%
Socialist James Barnes 1,247 1.81%


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