Love Is the Law (Toyah album)

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Love Is the Law
Studio album by Toyah
Released 1983
Recorded Summer 1983, Marquee Studios
Genre New wave, gothic rock
Label Safari Records
Producer Nick Tauber
Toyah chronology
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Love Is the Law
Toyah! Toyah! Toyah!

Love Is the Law is the last studio album released in 1983 by Toyah as a band before Toyah Willcox embarked on her solo career. The album reached #28 in the UK Albums Chart.[1] It was first released on CD in 2005, which contained five additional bonus tracks.


Toyah said the making of the album was the happiest period of her life. "...In 1983 everything was going right. I was starring in a stage play called 'Trafford Tanzi', which won me especially huge critical acclaim, and I was about to star in a film, 'The Ebony Tower' with Lord Laurence Olivier just as soon as the album was finished. Because my schedule was incredibly full, the band moved into my house in Finchley, London where we transformed my gym into a make-shift recording studio to pre-write and programme all the material in the daytime. I'd then go to the theatre for five o'clock and meet the band at the Marquee Studios to do the main recording of the vocals after midnight. It was a killer timetable but I loved it with a passion", she remembered.[2]

...I was surfing on adrenaline for almost six months and by the time I got to the recording studio at midnight each day I was literally ready to explode, thus the track 'I Explode', one of my all time favourites. Sometimes my head would be racing so much that the only way to get me to calm down was to give me a sleeping pill. This is not something I would readily admit, but it was the only way the producer could get me to sit long enough to finish a track and is the reason ‘Rebel of Love’ and ‘Martian Cowboy’ sound so relaxed for a Toyah song![2]

The phrase "Love is the law" is from The Book of the Law, the central sacred text of Thelema, written (or received) by Aleister Crowley. "I was never a fan of what he represented, which was mainly dark, devious and debauched, but I thought the phrase 'Love Is the Law' was possibly one of the most beautiful to ever be uttered because it crosses every social and tribal divide", she said.[2]

Track listing[edit]

Original LP[edit]

  1. "Broken Diamonds" (Willcox/Bogen) ‡
  2. "I Explode" (Willcox/Bogen) ‡
  3. "Rebel Of Love" (Willcox/Bogen)
  4. "Rebel Run" (Willcox/Darlow) ‡
  5. "Martian Cowboy" (Willcox/Bogen/Darlow/Spalding)
  6. "Dreamscape" (Willcox/Bogen) ‡
  7. "Time Is Ours" (Willcox/Bogen) †
  8. "Love Is The Law" (Willcox/Bogen/Darlow/Spalding) †
  9. "Remember" (Willcox/Bogen/Darlow) †
  10. "The Vow" (Willcox/Bogen/Spalding) *

2005 CD bonus tracks[edit]

  1. "Be Proud, Be Loud (Be Heard)" (Willcox/Bogen)
  2. "Laughing With The Fools" (Willcox/Bogen)
  3. "To The Mountains High" (Willcox/Bogen)
  4. "Baptised In Fire" (Willcox)
  5. "Haunted" (Willcox/Darlow)



  • Producer: Nick Tauber
  • Arranged by: Simon Darlow, Joel Bogen
  • String arrangements on *: Denys Darlow
  • Engineers: Simon Hanhart, Phil Harding, Mark Wade
  • Assistant engineers: Andy Lovell, Mike Higgs, Mike Duffy, Rob Waldron


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