Lozva River

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Lozva River (Russian: Лозьва) is a river in Sverdlovsk Oblast in Russia, a left tributary of the Tavda River. The length of the river is 637 km. The area of its basin is 17,800 km². The river freezes up in October - early November and stays icebound until late April - early May. Its main tributaries are the Pynovka, Bolshaya Yevva, Popil, and Ivdel Rivers. In 1590 a fort was built at Lozvinsk on the river to guard the Cherdyn Road which ran over the Urals from the Vishera River to the Lozva. That outpost was endangered by a Mansi chieftain from Pelym. Lozvinsk and the Cherdyn route were abandoned after 1597 when a better route, called the Babinov Road, was found through Verkhoturye. The Dyatlov Pass incident took place near the Lozva River in 1959.


Coordinates: 59°32′59″N 62°20′04″E / 59.5497°N 62.3344°E / 59.5497; 62.3344