Luna Online

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LUNA Online
Developer(s) EYA Interactive
  • NA Gala-Net Inc.
  • PH Run Up
  • MY Run Up
  • ID Lyto.Net
  • JP GameHeart
  • JP NHN PlayArt Corp.
    Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
    Release date(s) June 30th, 2009
    Genre(s) Fantasy MMORPG
    Mode(s) Massive Multiplayer
    Distribution Download

    LUNA Online is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by South Korean company EYA Interactive, and published in the United States by Gala-Net Inc.


    Luna Online took place in the fictional world of Blue Land. It used anime-style graphics and level-based progression. Skills were available according to the Job players chose on their Job Change quests, which took place at levels 20, 40, 75, 105 and 145. There were four classes: Fighter, Rogue, Mage and Combatant. Each one had its own Job Tree showing possible skills. Races affected how stats were assigned and what skills were available. At first, only two races could be chosen, Human and Elf. In order to play the Majin race, it was necessary to have a level 50 character first.

    Each level-up awarded the player with 5 stat points. Players also received 10 skill points each time they leveled up. Each level increased the number of skill points received by 1.

    To unlock new skills or level them, stat points and gold were required.

    Luna Plus[edit]

    In 01/20/2011, the Luna Plus expansion was released for the North American version of the game. It included several new features and improvements, like:

    • Level cap increased from 120 to 200.
    • A new job change quest at level 145.
    • Mounts and rides.
    • Automatic moving by clicking on the Zone Map.
    • A search function for player shops, based on item name.
    • 5 new dance emotes.
    • Overpowered weapons
    • A new race, the Dual Wielding jack of all trades Majin.
    • Mountains dungeons
    • 3 new maps; Sahel Zone, Oasis in the Parasus and Ruins of Ancient Elpis.
    • A new party-based instance dungeon system starting at level 60.
    • Gate of Alker and Alker Harbor were redesigned.
    • A new Housing System.
    • An Auction House.
    • The Note system has been replaced by a Mailbox.
    • A Cooking System.
    • Many new quests added.
    • Date Dungeons for level ranges 80-100, 100-120 and 120-150, and also a new dungeon, Cupcake Land.
    • 60 new Pets.
    • Expanded Farms.
    • New screen resolutions, including widescreen.
    • In-Game recording.

    Also, the gameplay was heavily modified. Every class was redesigned, as well as monsters and bosses. Changes were also made to other systems, like levelling, crafting and enchanting. Unlike the Korean version, there was no reset for the North American servers, and all characters, items and gold were kept; however, Stats and Skill Points were, so the player had to reassign them.


    As of March 27, 2012, GPotato has shut down Luna Online and Prius Online.[1]

    No statement or reason was given by the staff, but they offered ending "Redeemable Packages"[2] that can be used to gain free Gpotatoes (Premium Currency) in another, continuing (existing) game. Gpotato (now Webzen) is still hosting games including Flyff, Allods Online, Rappelz, Aika Online, Iris Online, and Uncharted Waters Online. Two new games are planned to be released in the Summer of 2012: Sevencore[3] and Eternal Blade.[4]

    All Gpotato hosted games can be found on their website here.


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