Lundagård (park)

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A part of the park.

Lundagård is a park located in Lund, Sweden. It is situated between the Lund University main building in the North, and Lund Cathedral in the South with Kungshuset in between. The park was for a long time a walled garden separating "town" from "gown". Today, the one remaining (of the original three) gates, is the entrance to the Kulturen museum. Other buildings in Lundagård are the AF Castle, the Lund University Historical Museum and Palaestra et Odeum.

The area between Kungshuset, the University building and Palaestra is called Universitetsplatsen. Tegnérsplatsen is located between the Historical Museum and the AF Castle and contains a statue of Esaias Tegnér. There is a statue in the centre of Lundagård, it is called "the man that breaks free from the rock".

The history of Lundagård is very closely connected to the history of Lund.

Coordinates: 55°42′17″N 13°11′37″E / 55.70472°N 13.19361°E / 55.70472; 13.19361