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MS 5229 is a 13th-century (7th century Hijra) manuscript, 210 folia (420 pages), kept in Astane Quds Museum (موزهٔ آستان قدس رضوی), Mashhad. It was discovered in 1923 in Mashhad by Turkic scholar Ahmed Zeki Validi Togan. It contains a collection of medieval Arab geographical treatises, most notably the 10th-century account of Ibn Fadlan of his embassy to the Volga Bulgars.

  • Ibn al-Faqih: aẖbar al-buldan "Exploration of the lands" (p. 1)
  • Abu Dulaf: ar-risalatu-l-ūla "First relation" (p. 347)
  • Abu Dulaf: ar-risalatu-ṯ-ṯnaniat "Second relation" (p. 362)
  • Ibn Fadlan: ma šahidat fi baladi-t-turk wa al-ẖazar wa ar-rus wa aṣ-ṣaqalibat wa al-bašġird wa ġirham "Account of the lands of the Turks, the Khazars, the Rus, the Saqaliba, the Bashkhirs" (p. 390)


  • Collection of Geographical Works by Ibn al-Faqih, Ibn Fadlan, Abu Dulaf Al-Khazraji, ed. Fuat Sezgin, Frankfurt am Main, 1987.

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  • some scans of a microfilm copy of the manuscript.