Maccan River

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Mouth Confluence of River Hebert
Progression River HebertCumberland BasinChignecto BayBay of Fundy
Basin countries Canada
Mouth elevation sea level
Basin area 1304 km² (together with Kelly River / River Hebert)[1]

The Maccan River is a small tidal river contained completely within Cumberland County, Nova Scotia. The river terminates at the confluence of River Hebert at Amherst Point, and empties into the Cumberland Basin. The river's tidal bore may be viewed from the Tidal Wetlands Park in Maccan. According to estimates by the Province of Nova Scotia, there are 9,092 people resident within the Maccan/Kelly/Hebert watershed in 2011.[2]

Tributaries include the Nappan River, Patton Creek, St. Georges Brook, and Kennedy Creek. The river passes through the communities of Maccan and Athol, Nova Scotia.

The main line of the Canadian National Railway follows the Maccan River for part of its length.


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Coordinates: 45°45′59.9″N 64°19′56.9″W / 45.766639°N 64.332472°W / 45.766639; -64.332472