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Mahler most often refers to Gustav Mahler, Bohemian-Austrian composer and conductor. His family included:

  • Alma Mahler-Werfel (1879–1964), Austrian socialite and wife of, successively, Gustav Mahler, Walter Gropius and Franz Werfel
  • Anna Mahler (1904–1988), Austrian-UK sculptor, daughter of Gustav and Alma Mahler
  • Fritz Mahler (1901–1973), Austrian conductor, and cousin once removed of Gustav Mahler
  • Otto Mahler (1873–1895), Bohemian-Austrian musician and youngest brother of Gustav Mahler
  • Joseph Mahler (1900–1981), inventor of the Vectograph stereoscopic technique, cousin of Gustav Mahler
  • Zdeněk Mahler (born 1936), Czech pedagogue, writer, publicist and musicologist, distantly related with Gustav Mahler

Other people named Mahler (German for "someone who grinds"[1]) include:

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