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Mala Mala is a game reserve located within the Sabi Sand Game Reserve, Mpumalanga province, South Africa. It is the largest private big five game reserve in South Africa. It covers around 130 km² of land.[1]

The Sabi Sand Game Reserve borders the Kruger National Park, which together with some other parks make up the Greater Kruger National Park.


The reserve is home of many wild animals, including the Big Five. It was the home of Tjololo, a famous leopard.


It is composed of many camps:

  • Mala Mala main camp
  • Mala Mala Sable camp
  • Mala Mala Rattray's camp

The nearest airport is Mala Mala Airport and regular commercial flights can be boarded from Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport.

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Coordinates: 24°48′02″S 31°32′29″E / 24.80056°S 31.54139°E / -24.80056; 31.54139 (Main camp, Mala mala)