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Mary Carbery (1867-1949), pen name and married name of Mary Vanessa Toulmin, who married first Algernon, 9th Baron Carbery of Castle Freke, County Cork, Ireland and second Professor Arthur Wellesley Sandford of Frankfield House, County Cork, Ireland. She was born and spent her childhood at Childwickbury Manor, Hertfordshire and died at Eye Manor, Herefordshire. Amongst her books are The Children of the Dawn, The Farm by Loch Gur, The Light in the Window, Hertfordshire Heritage, The Germans in Cork (a warning to the pro-German faction in Ireland of what a German invasion would really be like), Happy World, and West Cork Journal (edited by her grandson, Jeremy Sandford). Her eldest son by her first marriage, John, 10th Baron Carbery, was an Irish nationalist and member of the Kenyan Happy Valley set. Her eldest son by her second marriage, Christopher Sandford, was proprietor of the Golden Cockerel Press. She spent much of the early part of the last century crossing Europe in Creeping Jenny, a caravan drawn by white oxen, and is credited with being the first person to install a bath in a mobile home. She is the subject of the second half of the book "Happy Memories" (Faith Press, 1960), by her sister, Constance Toulmin.


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