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Maryanne Wolf in 2010

Maryanne Wolf is a scholar and author who studies the origins of reading and language-learning. She is best known for her research on reading interventions and her book Proust and the Squid on the science of the reading brain. She is currently Director of the Center for Reading and Language Research at Tufts University, where she is a Professor of Child Development.[1]

Education and work[edit]

Wolf received a doctorate from the Department of Human Development in the Harvard Graduate School of Education, where she began her work on the neurological underpinnings of reading, language and dyslexia.

In collaboration with Robin Morris and Maureen Lovett, she was awarded a NICHD Shannon Award for Innovative Research, and several multi-year NICHD grants to study new approaches to reading intervention. She has also worked on language research and child development at Harvard Medical School and the McLean Hospital Department of Psychiatry in Boston.[2]


In 2001, she published Dyslexia, Fluency, and the Brain. [3]

In 2007 Wolf published the multidisciplinary book, Proust and the Squid: The Story and Science of the Reading Brain.[4]

She also co-edited, with McQuillan and Radwin, the 1980 Thought and language/Language and reading, published by the Harvard Educational Review.


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