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Not to be confused with MasterCraft (TCS product).
For other uses, see Mastercraft.
Mastercraft Boats
Industry Vessels, Vessel Parts and Supplies
Founded 1968
Headquarters Vonore, Tennessee, USA
Key people
Terry McNew - President & CEO, Tim Oxley - CFO, David Kirkland - CIO, Shane Chittum - COO, Jay Povlin - VP of Sales & Marketing, Jason Boertje - Director of Marketing, Phil Walker eBusiness Director
Products XSeries, ProStar and NXT boat brands
Number of employees
500 (2014)

MasterCraft is a United States-based manufacturer of luxury high performance boats that was founded in 1968 and is currently headquartered in Vonore, Tennessee.[1] MasterCraft boats are the most popular and recognized brand for use in waterskiing, wakeboarding and wakesurfing however, they have also produced several boats that are not focused on water sports.


MasterCraft was founded when the owners decided to start making their own boats. The owners took a Ski Nautique manufactured by Correct Craft, hung it from a tree, and cut the back of the hull off in order to modify the hull to their preferences. The company's first ski boat was built in 1968 in a two-horse barn on a farm in Maryville, Tennessee.

During the first year of operation, MasterCraft only built 12 boats using the modified hull design. MasterCraft eventually became recognized as a force in the tournament ski boat industry. The operating facility was moved to Vonore, Tennessee and now employs 591 "MasterCraftsmen." As of 2006, MasterCraft produces over 3,000 boats per year, sold in 25 different countries by over 100 domestic and international dealers, making it by far the largest producer of inboard ski, wakeboard, and luxury performance powerboats in the world.

Some of its most popular boats today are the Prostar series of direct drive ski boats, and the X-Series Wakeboard boats, many of which share hulls with the Prostar series, but come equipped with wakeboard-specific features such as ballast tanks and a wakeboard tower. All MasterCraft Models use Ilmor inboard marine engines built on the General Motors 5.7, 6.0, 6.2, and 7.4 litre V8 engine blocks.

In 2007, the company was acquired by two private equity firms: Charlesbank Capital Partners and Transportation Resource Partners (affiliated with Roger Penske). In 2010, the company was recapitalized by Wayzata Investment Partners.[2]

In 2010, MasterCraft announces it is partnering exclusively with one of the world's best high performance engineering companies, Ilmor Marine engines, for its power train needs.

In 2011, MasterCraft and Ilmor Marine unveil all new Ilmor 7.4L engine, a naturally aspirated engine that is more powerful, more efficient and more dependable than any other offering on the inboard market, including supercharged engines

Saltwater Series[edit]

With a large movement towards costal waters MasterCraft introduced the saltwater series(ss) line of boats. All of the SS engines are fresh-water-cooled, protected with premium multi-coat non-corrosive paint and come with composite motor mounts. In addition to changes to the engines MasterCraft spent hundreds of hours offshore in Florida testing components like stainless steel gas shocks, hydraulic steering, fully sealed wiring, sacrificial anodes, raw water strainers and the engines in the roughest conditions.

Current Production Models (2014)[edit]


Quick overview of models and outstanding feature on the production line, all information below is reference from MasterCrafts website found here



Coming in at 20 feet exactly this is one of MasterCrafts entry level boats aimed to compete with brands that offered much cheaper priced boats then the traditional MasterCraft line up.

This model still used the Vector Drive hull design to provide similar wakes as the higher end models but do to the smaller profile and less weight its resulting wake is not as adjustable and models with much high ballast tanks. The design uses a pickle forked bow and has seating for 11. Power plant for this craft is a 5.7 liter V8 created by the company Ilmor which is built exclusively for the MasterCraft boat company. 



The Prostar is MasterCrafts dedicated ski boat. With no ballast bags and setting for just 7 people its use lies solely in towing skiers for competitive purposes. Coming in at 20 feet long and 3000 pounds its a very nimble craft suited to the demands of towing a competitive skier. Hull layout is a Modified V with Partial Step. Powered by the same Ilmor V8 found in the NXT20 it has more then enough for the sport it was created for. Wake is a Flat Slalom type ideal for skiing and not much else. Interesting to note this is the only MasterCraft boat still in production that has a closed bow with no options for front seating.



The X2 serves as MasterCrafts hybrid option for users who have a mix of wake boarding and skiing needs. Its design is open, pickle fork, bow with MasterCrafts Vector Drive hull. Measuring 20 feet just as the Prostar and NXT20, it is aimed once again at the entry level, but its ability to produce a wide range of wakes combined with its short length makes it agile enough for slalom and wake boarders alike. Being 4300 pounds its not far off in weight compared to the more expensive models but its lack of significant onboard ballast bags means its wake surfing ability is almost non existent. Seating is oriented for up to 11 passengers making it a moderately roomy craft, at least compared to previous models. This model has optional engine choices ranging from there 5.7 to 6.2 V8's produced by Ilmor.


The X-10 is a dedicated wakeboard boat and has little function for anything but wake boarding. Being 4550 pounds and has the ability to take on another 2000 pounds in ballast it can produce a massive wake. Although wake surfing requires a big wake this boat has "none of MasterCrafts wake technology meaning wake surfing would be difficult to do behind this craft" = false. The X-10 has all of the Gen2 surf system features making it an excellent well rounded boat. With a length of 21 feet 3 inches and seating for 14 people its a more spacious layout then other lower end models. Hull design is once again the Vector Drive Hull with a conventional pointed bow.


Dropping down in size back to 20 feet but still having seating for 12 people comfortably this is an entry level craft with wake surfing in mind. Equipped with MasterCrafts Gen. 2 wake surf system, which includes a power drop down wedge to increase wake size as well as surf gates that can swing outwards on either side of the craft in order to orient the curl of the wake. Hull layout is the Vector Drive hull and is set up with an open, pickle fork bow to increase wake size. Although with other models a pickle fork bow and reduce handling slightly. Comes with engine options ranging from the 5.7 to the 6.2 liter Ilmor V8's and with ballast bags capable of adding an additional 2000 pounds of weight.


This is one of MasterCrafts heavy weights, coming in at 22 feet 9 inches and 5500 pounds before the addition of 3000 pounds of ballast, as well as being equipped with the Gen. 2 Surf technology package this boat with will the need for a spacious wakeboard and wake surf boat. Hull design is the Vector Drive Hull with an open, pickle forked, bow with seating for 15. Engine options are significant in that they range from the basic 5.7L V8 all the way to Ilmors massive 7.4L V8 giving the buy option for more power and torque if they need it. Claimed by MasterCraft to produce the largest most customizable wake in the industry it is a common choice for professional riders as well as amateurs that can afford its hefty price tag.


Measuring 21 feet 6 inches this is another dedicated wakeboard boat with a little more room then other models. Hull design is again the Vector Drive with an open, pickle forked, bow and seating for 16 people. Weighing 4500 pounds with 2000 pounds of ballast its a good base platform for wake boarding and wake surfing. Engine options have the full range from 5.7 to the 7.4 liter Ilmor's.


Measuring 23' 4 this is MasterCrafts flagship Wakeboard boat, utilizing the Vector Drive hull and coming in at 4700 pounds before additional ballast is added it can produce any wake size needed for both Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing. Seating is oriented with a classic sport boat layout with a pointed bow and with space for 16 individuals. This boat has a wide variety of uses which make it a common choice for MasterCraft customers. Engine options range from the 5.7-7.4 making it as versatile as any of MasterCrafts line up.


This massive craft comes in at 24 feet 6 inches and a burly weight of 5400 pounds. It is advertised as a true wake surf craft with professional wakeboard towing capabilities. Hull design is the Vector Drive with an open, pickle forked, bow and is equipped with the Gen. 2 Wake Surf system. Its engine options are the full range from 5.7 to 7.4 L Ilmors although the 5.7 is not recommended as its power and torque are often insufficient for a craft of this size and weight. Seating for 15 people it is less then other crafts of shorter length.


The top of the line in both comfort and performance, as claimed by MasterCraft. Being the only craft to feature and onboard sink and mini fridge it stacks up to that claim. Measuring 25 feet 5 inches it is the biggest boat in the company's line up. Weighing 5550 pounds and has the ability to take on another 3500 pounds in ballast this boat can create the largest wake of anything the company has to offer. Hull design is again the Vector Drive with an open, pickle fork, bow. Engine options range from the 6.0 V8 up to the 7.4.


This boat built for competition wake boarding only. It has very aggressive styling aimed to standout at competition. Although its not uncommon for amateur to own one its lack of versatility and its strictly wakeboard focus means that customer generally choose to spend money on a vehicle with more comforts and adaptability then a specialized craft like this one. Measuring 24 feet and weighing 5400 pounds its a perfect craft for producing the aggressive wake needed for professionals to perform the stunts they need to. Utilizing the Vector Drive hull and an open pickle forked bow it fallows typical MasterCraft design. Engine options are the 6.0-7.4L Ilmors and has seating for 13 people making it a typical sized boat.


Current Engine Options (2014)[edit]

MV8 5.7L with available Saltwater Option (OPS) 320 HP AT 5000 RPM / 365 TQ AT 4200 RPM

MV8 6.0L with available Saltwater Option (OPS) 382 HP AT 5200 RPM / 411 TQ AT 4200 RPM

MV8 6.2L with available Saltwater Option (OPS) 430 HP AT 5400 RPM / 445 TQ AT 4400 RPM

MV8 7.4L LSX454----------------------------------------522 HP AT 5800 RPM / 524 TQ AT 4200 RPM


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