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Maxi may refer to:


Given name[edit]

  • Maxi Biancucchi (born 1984), an Argentine footballer who plays for Flamengo
  • Maxi López (born 1984), an Argentinian footballer who plays in Europe
  • Maxi Pereira, Uruguayan footballer who plays for SL Benfica
  • Maxi Rodríguez (born 1981), an Argentine footballer who plays for Newell's Old Boys
  • Maximiliano Vallejo (born 1982), an Argentine footballer who plays for Shahrdari Bandar Abbas FC

Stage name[edit]


  • Maxi Immelmann, a character from Strike Witches
  • Maxi (Soulcalibur), a fictional Ryukyuan pirate from the Soul series of fighting games
  • Father Maxi, a fictional priest from the comedy series South Park
  • Maxi Purvis, a fictional character from the ITV drama series, Bad Girls

Retail stores[edit]


1987 album by Maxi Priest

Other uses[edit]

  • Austin Maxi, a 1970s medium sized 5-door hatchback car produced by British Leyland
  • Maxi pad, a type of absorbent sanitary towel worn by women
  • Maxi single, a music single release with more than the usual two tracks
  • Maxi skirt, an ankle-length skirt (1970s)
  • Maxi yacht, a large racing sailboat
  • MAXI (ISS Experiment), an X-ray monitoring device aboard the International Space Station
  • Maxiprocesso, Italian term for an unusually long trial with a large number of co-defendants (e.g. the Maxi Trial of the 1980s)
  • Maxi dress worn by women