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Mazzorbo IMG 4336.JPG
Colourful houses on Mazzorbo, similar to those on Burano
Mazzorbo is located in Venetian Lagoon
Location in the Venetian Lagoon
Coordinates 45°29′13″N 12°24′33″E / 45.486944°N 12.409167°E / 45.486944; 12.409167Coordinates: 45°29′13″N 12°24′33″E / 45.486944°N 12.409167°E / 45.486944; 12.409167
Adjacent bodies of water Venetian Lagoon
Region Veneto
Province Province of Venice

Mazzorbo is an island in the northern Venetian Lagoon, northern Italy, linked to Burano by a bridge. It was once an important trading centre but is now known for its vineyards and orchards. Its main attraction is the fourteenth century Church of Santa Caterina, and there is also a brightly painted housing development, designed in 1979 by Giancarlo De Carlo.

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