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Coordinates: 72°14′00″N 23°55′00″W / 72.23333°N 23.91667°W / 72.23333; -23.91667

Location of Mestersvig within Northeast Greenland National Park

Mestersvig, also called Mesters Vig, is a military outpost with a 1,800 m gravel runway located in Scoresby Land, on the southern shore of the King Oscar Fjord in Northeast Greenland National Park. It used to be the only permanent station in Northeast Greenland National Park but all of the 1986 population of 40 has been split up into the three newer Northeast Greenland National Park research stations (Danmarkshavn, Nord and Daneborg) except a permanent population of two people, although tourists visit the station occasionally.

Seen from runway

From 1956 to 1963, Mestersvig was a zinc and lead mine.

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