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The mg editor in OpenBSD 5.3. Editing Ruby source code

mg, originally called MicroGnuEmacs, (and later changed at the request of Richard Stallman[1]), is a public-domain text editor that runs on Unix-like operating systems. It is based on MicroEMACS, but intended to more closely resemble GNU Emacs while still maintaining a small memory footprint and fast speed. An expanded version of the original is included as part of OpenBSD.


  • Nov 16, 1986: First release to mod.sources, according to the README
  • Mar 3, 1987: First release (mg1a) via comp.sources.unix
  • May 26, 1988: Second release: (mg2a) via comp.sources.misc
  • Jan 26, 1992: Linux port released by Charles Hedrick. This version later makes its way onto tsx-11, Infomagic, and various other Linux repositories.
  • Feb 25, 2000: First import into the OpenBSD tree, where it is currently maintained

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