Microbotryum violaceum

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Microbotryum violaceum
Ustilago violacea en Silene alba.002.JPG
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Fungi
Phylum: Basidiomycota
Class: Microbotryomycetes
Order: Microbotryales
Family: Microbotryaceae
Genus: Microbotryum
Species: M. violaceum
Binomial name
Microbotryum violaceum
(Pers.) G. Deml & Oberw., (1982)

Caeoma antherarum (DC.) Nees (1816)
Caeoma violaceum (DC.) Nees (1816)
Microbotryum antherarum (DC.) Lév., (1847)
Uredo antherarum DC., (1815)
Uredo antherarum var. antherarum DC., (1815)
Uredo antherarum a silenes-nutantis DC., (1815)
Uredo violacea Pers., (1797)
Ustilago antherarum (DC.) Fr., (1832)
Ustilago silenes-nutantis (DC.) Liro, (1924)
Ustilago violacea (Pers.) Roussel, (1806) Ustilago violacea var. silenes-nutantis (DC.) Durrieu & Zambett., (1973)

Microbotryum violaceum, also known as the anther smut fungus, was formerly known as Ustilago violacea. It is a Basidiomycete obligate parasite of many Caryophyllaceae. But it has now separated into many species due to its host specificity.


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