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Mihai Apostol (born April 28, 1971) is a Canadian sprint canoer who competed from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s (decade). Apostol was born in Romania but defected to Canada while attending the 1989 world junior paddling championship in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.Competing in two Summer Olympics, he earned his best finish of seventh in the K-4 1000 m event at Atlanta in 1996. Following his retirement as an Olympian in 2003, MIhai has competed for several years with the leading Dragon Boat Club in Canada (Dragon Boat East). Mihai has recently competed at the 2012 Canadian Masters Nationals, where obtaining four gold medals in various events. Mihai Apostol now resides in Halifax, Nova Scotia with his wife and newborn daughter.

In December 2012 - Mihai Apostol was arrested and charged with allegedly being involved with an elaborate Nova Scotia marijuana related seizure. Mr. Apostol has not been convicted, and or has any evidence been brought to his attorney's attention that he had any involvement or knowledge about the illegal activity. As stated by a local resident of Mr. Apostol's community: "Mihai's name was used in the papers to bring publicity to the local police department". This of course has tarnished Mr. Apostol's name for the time being, with having no criminal conviction. The same local resident in the community has quoted: "Mihai is a stand up citizen who attends charity functions and puts his time and heart into the community. Especially at the canoe club, Mihai shares his previous Olympic experience with future competitors. Mihai is absolutely the definition of a true gentleman". Mihai intends to fight these charges and this accusation, and in the future seek for restitution for damages done.