Mike Castro de Maria

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Mike Castro de Maria
Birth name Mike Castro Demaria
Born Geneva, Switzerland
Genres Downtempo
Lounge music
Deep house
Lo-fi music
Instruments Keyboard
Guitar bass
Labels Ultrasonique
Twiggy Records
Notable instruments
Guitar bass

Mike Castro de Maria is an electronic music composer from Cannes, France. He was born in Geneva in 1972 to a Galician father who had fled the Franco dictatorship and a Franco-Italian mother. His street name is a combination of his origins and he decided to use it as his stage name.

At fifteen, he started on the bass, which led him to appear with different bands on the Côte d'Azur. In 1991 he formed the band "Loi 91-32", a venture that was to last more than a year.

In 1994 at the Blitz nightclub, he met Charlotte & Max, the future founders of Twiggy Records. Max, a DJ on the Riviera, introduced him to electronic music and artists such as Lady B, Scan X, Didier Sinclair, Adolphe, and Green Velvet, etc.

In 2005 Mike Castro de Maria released So sweet lounge, his first lounge and cocooning album. In 2006 he met Anne Moreau who wrote the lyrics for "Live goes". Sweet Sugar Lounge, the second work in this series, has been available since June 2007.

In December 2010, after two years of work on different tracks, the "Winter games" Single was released. This is an electronic drum & bass track.

In February 2011, he released "Tempus fugit" the first opus of the Ultrasonique series.



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