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For the German experimental musician and composer, see Michael Rother.

Mike Rother (born 1958, Michigan, USA) is an engineer, a researcher, teacher and speaker on the subjects of management, leadership, improvement, adaptiveness, and change in human organizations. He has been a member of the Industrial Technology Institute (Ann Arbor), the University of Michigan College of Engineering, the Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (Stuttgart), and the Technical University Dortmund.

Rother is co-author of the Lean Enterprise Institute publication Learning to See, which introduced Value Stream Mapping (VSM). VSM is a tool for visualizing flows of material and information across multiple processes, so that individual process-level improvement efforts fit together as a flowing value stream, match the organization's objectives, and serve the requirements of external customers. This map consists of 2 primary streams, current state and a future state.

His latest book, Toyota Kata, is based on research into Toyota's managerial patterns. It examines the company's routines of dialogues and practices - called kata - that are used to make creativity, adaptation and innovation day-to-day experiences.


  • Learning to See (1997), with John Shook
  • Training to See (2000), with John Shook
  • Creating Continuous Flow (2001), with Rick Harris
  • Toyota Kata (2009)


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